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Tour Skiing in Tian Shan, Kazakhstan


Freeriding, Ski Touring & Split Boarding in Kazakhstan

Travel with Epique to Central Asia, to one of the largest countries in the world; Kazakhstan. In the extreme southeast of this country lies a gigantic mountain range, the Tian Shan Mountains. This mountain range forms the backdrop for this adventurous and exotic winter sports trip. The former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, is the starting point of the journey. This historic city of two million inhabitants is built against the Tian Shan mountains and is a good base for our trip for a few nights.

“A week of splitboarding in Kazakhstan was my first experience with Epique. And it was great! Staying for a week at 3600m in an old Soviet station is an experience in itself, especially in those beautiful surroundings. Kazakhstan was a nice mix of old and modern. The mountain guide Christian was perfect and the local guide Vladimir arranged everything perfectly. – Wolter

Free Tour from Almaty

Close to Almaty is the largest ski resort in Kazakhstan, called Shymbulak. From Shymbulak we go freeriding and ski touring or split boarding using the lifts in the area. We spend the night on the slopes at an altitude of 2300 meters.

After discovering the mountains around Shymbulak, we travel by jeeps to the Cosmo Station at 3400 meters altitude. We spend the night in this high-altitude research center and go skiing, splitboarding and freeriding using the available jeeps. We climb mountains of 4000 meters high and make descents of more than a thousand altimeters. This unique and special place on the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is the ultimate place for a challenging off-piste adventure.

Ski touring and sightseeing

As icing on the cake we visit the Charyn Canyon during the last day of our freetour adventure. We travel in jeeps across the vast steppes of Kazakhstan towards the border with China. Arriving at the Canyon we continue on foot into the Canyon until we reach the origin of this ‘Grand Canyon-like Canyon’.

“Kazakhstan is highly recommended for anyone who feels like touring but is not afraid to walk all day and who is not afraid of a little adventure. The combination of free tour and an up-lift by 4×4 guarantee the necessary meters of descending. staying at the Cosmo Station is an unforgettable experience in all respects. With the visit to the city of Almaty and the trip to Charyn Canyon, this trip is about more than just skiing.” – Martin

Kazakhstan offers everything that makes an exotic freetour trip successful; high mountains with peaks up to 5000 meters high, rugged alpine terrain with glaciers and extensive forests at the foot of the mountains. A fantastic and versatile kitchen specialized in the most diverse meat dishes, a beautiful culture and a proud, hospitable population. Three different and varied places to stay; one in the middle of the city, one high in the mountains and one in a good hotel in the ski resort of Shymbulak. The Tian Shan Mountains are ideal for long freeride descents and challenging tours. In March the snow cover is thick and well set, which is ideal for freeriding and touring. You make descents through diverse terrain, from spring snow in the wide bowls, to powder in the steep couloirs.

Destination Price
shymbulak € tbd
Travel period(s) 25 Feb. until 6 Mar. 2022
4 to 13 Mar. 2022

Included in the trip

  • 7 days program with ski or snowboard guide
  • Maximum 7 participants per guide
  • 5 nights in a hotel including breakfast
  • 3 nights in a mountain hut including full board
  • 6 days lift pass or transport with jeeps
  • Local transport with own jeeps and drivers
  • Contribution SGR and Calamity Fund
  • Contribution Trees for All (to compensate for CO2 emissions)

For all details, request the brochure.

The preparation

Meet & greet

Well before departure we organize a Meet & Greet at our office in Utrecht. Here we discuss the journey and most important details with you again. We answer all your questions and you have the chance to get to know your travel companions.


Once you have booked you will receive the Epique Training Plan from us. Through a number of self-tests you can easily choose the schedule that suits you best. If you start training on time, you will enjoy this in the snow!


You will receive a detailed packing list well before the start of your trip. It contains all the items you need for a successful trip. Plus a description that the material must meet.


Contact us for all the details, or to reserve a place without any obligation. This trip tailor-made for your own group? We would like to hear your wishes and expectations and together we will look for the ideal trip.

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A must for anyone who likes to combine skiing passion with culture and adventure.

Kazakhstan, a very adventurous journey to an unknown snow destination. Good company, impressive landscapes, special culture and fantastic ski and tour opportunities made for an unforgettable trip.

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