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Ski Technique Training

The Netherlands

Working on your skiing technique over the summer months? Epique prepare you for a great winter. Under the guidance of an Epique trainer you can get started in Snowworld Zoetermeer every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Ski training at the highest level

The trainer is highly trained and has years of experience. We make you a better skier with personal feedback and targeted exercises. We do video analyzes so that you can see for yourself what is going well and what is not. Together with you we will look for your perfect bend.

Skiing in the summer? Why Not!

During the warm summer months it is wonderful to cool down in Snowworld. It is quiet on the track so we have plenty of space on the extended track. Check the Snowworld website for entrance fees and discount tickets.


Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. We start on Tuesday 7 July, the last training is on Thursday 27 August. You can book the training sessions in a series of 4 or 8 training sessions. First see if an Epique Ski Training is something for you? A single lesson is also possible.

Destination Price
SnowWorld Zoetermeer from € 30
Travel period(s) ntb
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique

Prices Ski Technique Training

8 training sessions € 240,- €30,- per training
4 training sessions € 130,- €32,50 per training
1 training €35 per training

please note: prices do not include track access and any equipment rental

Affordable skiing with the Snowworld Summer Holiday Card

Summer vacation has two benefits for your training. It is quiet. And the entrance is cheap. Epique’s training sessions fall perfectly within the Snowworld Summer Holiday Card . You can participate in the training courses at an affordable price and you can go on the track in between, as often as you want.

Corona measures

Of course, the corona measures are taken into account during the training. We ensure that everyone can participate in the training safely and comfortably. Read more here .


Are you training with us? Please contact us for available places.

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About this trip

Blog post

If you want to learn to ski well, Epique is the right place for you!

After a long period of back pain and the subsequent surgery, I was finally able to participate in the summer training sessions at Epique again. The great thing about the trainers at Epique, in this case Roderik and 2x Gijs-Jan as a substitute, is that everyone is trained to their abilities at that moment during the training, so that everyone gets better and better, even with injury / recovery, etc. is becoming. This makes every training challenging for everyone and because of the enthusiasm of the trainers you are able to push your limit every descent in order to get better and better. As a result, I had a number of very nice and very good training sessions, which made me take another step to become a technically even better skier!

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