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The coastline of Norway can be seen as one large collection of tour ski hotspots. From a hotel you can already enjoy great ski touring and split boarding here, but from a ship a whole other world opens up to you. You get to places you wouldn’t otherwise and make unforgettable trips, without meeting anyone.

Ski touring and split boarding from the Moondance

In February, the first group will board the Moondance in Alesund and will tour the Sunmøre region. 14 weeks later and 1,100 kilometers to the north, we conclude this adventure in Finnmark. Along the way we anchor in the most beautiful tour ski areas in Norway; the Lofoten, Senja and the Lyngen. The comfortable sailing ship and the experienced crew ensure a carefree and unforgettable adventure. Explore Norway the way it was meant to be, climb peaks you can only reach from the water and take untracked descents down to the water. This is ski touring at its best.

Why this trip?

  • Norway’s most beautiful destinations
  • Ski touring and split boarding from a sailing ship
  • Remote ascents and descents
  • Small groups of up to 6 participants

Your Ski & Sail trip

Every week a new group joins the guide and crew of the Moondance. Whether you come alone or with a group of friends, there is always a trip that suits your needs and level. Feel free to contact us and we will look for your perfect Sail & Ski trip.

Destination Price
Lyngen Alps from € 2,500
Travel period(s) February to May 2022
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique
descent condition
Ascent technique
Ascent condition

Program – 5 ski tour days

Day 1 – Travel to Bergen, Svolvær, Tromsø, or Alta

At Schiphol you will meet the other participants and travel to Norway together. When you arrive at the airport you will be picked up by the team of the Moondance in a van. On board you will meet the guide and crew. We set sail immediately and in the evening the program for the coming days is discussed.

Day 2 to 6 – 5 days tour skiing

You wake up to the smell of fresh coffee, fried eggs and a different view of the Norwegian fjords every day. After a good breakfast we load our gear into the dinghy and sail the last meters to the start of the tour. Because we start from sea level, we are not bothered by the altitude. Arriving at the top we are rewarded with an unforgettable view over the fairytale landscape of Norway. Through a tracked powder field or wonderful spring snow we descend again to the Moondance. Every day we make one or two ascents and descents. Back on board we enjoy a wonderful day, while enjoying a snack and drink. Dinner is a surprise every day and depends on the catch of the day.

Day 7 – return journey

On this last day we say goodbye to the guide and crew. We are taken back to the airport and fly back to Amsterdam.

Epique Sail & Ski - Ski Touring in Norway

The ship

The Moondance is a custom-built Koopmans, designed by Dick Koopmans and built at Koopmans Kasko’s in Sneek. The ship is perfect for expeditions in the far North. On board are 6 good beds for guests, a spacious cabin and a wet cell with a regular toilet and hot shower. She is currently located in the heart of Amsterdam and is equipped with storage space for ski gear, heating throughout the ship and comfortable beds. On to a winter in Norway!

Curious about the ship? Please contact us, we would be happy to give you a tour.

Far above the Arctic Circle

Sunnmøre – February 13 to March 5
The landscape of the Sunnmøre Alps is characterized by its alpine and jagged peaks in combination with long fjords. Weather permitting, we will climb the Kvitegga this week, the highest peak of the Sunnmøre at 1,717 metres. From the end of February the snow conditions here are usually excellent and the days are long enough.

Lofoten – March 6 to 26
The contrast of the calm ocean with rugged peaks rising straight out of the sea makes Lofoten a unique ski touring destination. The climbs here reach up to 1000 meters and in March, when winter turns into spring, conditions are optimal here.

Senja – March 27 to April 9
The Senja is also called “Norway in miniature”. This is because this island contains almost every landscape that you are likely to encounter elsewhere in Scandinavian nature. This varied landscape and the stable snow conditions guarantee an unforgettable ski tour.

Lyngen – April 10 to 30
The Lyngen Alps is perhaps the most famous ski touring area in Norway. From the ship we reach the most remote climbs of the peninsula. In addition, we visit the surrounding islands and descend a slope where few tour skiers come.

Finnmark – 1 to 21 May
The Finnmark Alps around the Oksfjord and Langfjord are home to many great alpine peaks and have a long and reliable ski season. At this special place we make descents of about 1,000 altimeters. Even in May there is still a chance of delicious powder snow, or buttery soft spring snow.

Epique ski touring and splitboarding in Norway

Epique ski touring and splitboarding in Norway

Included in this trip:

A trip for adventurous skiers and boarders with sea legs

This adventure is for skiers and snowboarders who like to visit new countries and areas to practice their favorite winter sport. Discovering a different culture and nature, meeting new people and making new friends. Not only the tours or the descents, but the combination of all elements makes this kind of travel special and different from all others. Perhaps the most beautiful of your life.

Travelogue Senja - ski touring and splitboarding in Norway

Sailing & Ski Touring in Norway

Ski to the Sea

All tours on this trip in Norway begin and end at sea level. The climbs are between 800 and 1,800 meters, after which a nice descent follows. We make one long or two short trips per day. The terrain is very varied; wide, narrow, flat and steep. We ski or snowboard in large walls and through couloirs. Snow conditions range from compact snow, buttery spring snow to fresh powder. The guides always try to find the best snow and slopes for you.


Contact us for all the details, or to reserve a place without any obligation. This trip tailor-made for your own group? We would like to hear your wishes and expectations and together we will look for the ideal trip.

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Challenging experience and person-oriented guidance

The strength of Epique is the person-centred approach they offer in challenging circumstances! My last trip under Michiel to Norway, Sunnmore alps (sailing & ski touring) was physically challenging and has given me a lot of skiing technically. What has given me confidence is that attention was paid to skiing as well as the person-oriented approach in pushing boundaries. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun with the team!

My first time heli-skiing - Gwen

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