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Ski & Sail Antarctic Peninsula


Epique is going back to Antarctica! A unique opportunity that you should not miss as a lover of adventurous skiing and snowboarding. Experience for yourself the adventure this expedition has to offer and come to places where no one else has been before.

With the ship as a ‘sailing mountain hut’ we make a safari with day trips and a multi-day trip where we spend the night in the polar wilderness. On rest days we go sea kayaking between the ice floes where we encounter whales, seals and penguins. We try to make as many climbs and descents as possible and sail past various and visit research centers. .

Why this trip?

  • 2 experienced guides for a group of 5
  • Luxury expedition yacht with experienced crew
  • Sail along 250 km of coastline between towering ice floes
  • 18 days to ski, board and explore the area
  • Camping on Antwerp or Brabant island
  • Visit research stations and other historical sites
  • Most impressive ski and snowboard trip of your life

The wildest place on earth

The seventh continent is just as rugged and pristine as it was when it was discovered in 1820. From Ushuaia, Argentina, we sail with the expedition yacht past Cape Horn and across the Drake Strait to the Antarctic Peninsula. Nature here is unique and undisturbed. Orcas, humpback whales, elephant seals, penguins, seals, leopard seals, albatrosses and petrels live here. Not a single person is to be seen in the area. Along the coast are snow-covered glaciers. With a small group of five participants we go on a journey of discovery.

Destination Price
Antarctic Peninsula On request
Travel period(s) 18 Nov. until 20 Dec. 2022
27 Dec. 2022 to 28 Jan. 2023
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique
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Ascent technique
Ascent condition

An unforgettable month

Day 1 & 2 – Travel to Ushuaia

Via Buenos Aires we fly to Ushuaia (USH). We arrive in the afternoon and check in at the hotel in the harbor. In the evening we meet the crew.

Day 2 – Check Equipment

We use this day to check the materials and stretch our legs in the Fuegian Andes before boarding and crossing the ocean.

Day 4 to 8 – Ocean crossing

We board, prepare the yacht and set sail. We sail through the Beagle Channel, past Cape Horn and through the Drake Strait to the south. Depending on the wind and current, we arrive at Two Hummock Island on day 7 or 8.

Day 9 – First foot on land

We have arrived in the Antarctic Peninsula. After 5 days of sea sailing we go ashore to stretch our legs and get to know the ice and its inhabitants, the penquins. We make a short tour and a kayak trip. Everyone is given the opportunity to acclimatise, test equipment and fitness and, of course, gain first impressions of the breathtaking nature and surroundings.

Day 10 to 27 – Sailing, touring and kayaking

On the Antarctic Peninsula there are hundreds of different mountain peaks in various shapes and heights, which are never or rarely skied off. We sail a route to the south where we visit several special peaks and places, including the islands of Enterprise, Nansen, Brabant, Antwerp and via the Lemaire channel to the Argentine islands. We anchor in small coves including the anchorages of Scott, Shackleton and other adventurers.

In bad weather or visibility we can visit other historical sites including some of the many research centers and meet the people who work there (when they are ‘home’). After a day of touring it is nice to paddle around between the ice. During kayaking you have the best chance of seeing sea animals up close. They are curious and like to come and see you.

Day 27 – Last meters on the ice

Today is the last day. We make a final tour and prepare the yacht for the crossing to Ushuaia.

Day 28 to 31 – Ocean crossing

The last part of the adventure. Depending on the wind and current, we sail back to the port of Ushuaia in 4-5 days. While sailing we will encounter many dolphins, whales, albatrosses and seals.

Day 31 to 33 – Arrival and journey home

Arriving in Ushuaia we unpack the yacht and say goodbye to the crew. We sleep one more night in the port of Ushuaia and fly to Buenos Aires the next day. We stay one night in Buenos Aires, where we end our journey together with a feast in the evening.

Epique - Tourski Expeditie Antarctica

Unique experience for adventurers

Discover spectacular Antarctica with Epique. Descend until you literally stand with your shoes at the sea and enjoy the impressive nature and many views. Experience the freedom and variety that this expedition has to offer and go places no one has been before. A unique experience that you should not miss as a lover of adventurous skiing and snowboarding!

“Sailing the boat through the ice, looking for adventure together. The landscape, the silence and around every corner something new to amaze you, so beautiful. Too beautiful actually.” – Marc

Level of this trip

This trip is for experienced tour skiers and splitboarders. The ascents in Antarctica vary between 500 and 2000 altimeters, followed by a ditto descent. We make one or more tours per day. Besides sufficient condition for walking up, you also need to have enough energy left to descend in a stable and controlled manner. The terrain varies from wide to narrow and from flat to steep. We descend in large walls and over glaciers with large ice formations and crevices. Snow conditions vary from hard snow, ‘butter soft’ spring snow to powder snow. The guides always try to find the best snow and descents for it. With such a huge area there is plenty of choice and there are always good runs to be found.

Epique - Tourski Expeditie Antarctica

sunken ship antarctica

Included in this trip

  • Preparation days in the Netherlands (4 half-days incl. training and material)
  • Glacier weekend in Austria (4 days incl. training, hotel & lift pass)
  • Fully catered program on board with full board
  • All services of skipper, crew and guides
  • 2-3 nights in a hotel including breakfast (Ushuaia & Buenos Aires)
  • Safety equipment and glacier equipment
  • SGR Guarantee Fund & calamity fund
  • Contribution Trees for All (to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your trip)


Contact us for all the details, or to reserve a place without any obligation. This trip tailor-made for your own group? We would like to hear your wishes and expectations and together we will look for the ideal trip.

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super cool @ antarctica

Finally I understand what cool really means! The expedition to Antarctica is truly a Life changing experience. It all starts with the crossing of the Drake passage on a sailing yacht through the raging southern ocean. The welcome by orcas, penquins and spectacular ice formations is indescribable, but Super guides Michiel and Phil not only bring you auction everywhere, but also provide beautiful photos and (drone) films. Take a look at the Facebook page of Epique and you will understand why I have no words for this. It is expensive and takes 5 weeks but it is more than worth it. I will never forget this and I can recommend it to every adventurous skier (and kayaker).

Kazakhstan - Martin