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Powder Ride

The last minute Freeride

A week before departure we check the snow conditions and forecasts. Depending on the snow conditions in an area, a choice is made a week in advance in which country, and which area, we will go freeriding. Guaranteed the best powder snow of the moment. For those willing to be flexible, this is the best trip for untracked descents.

Destination unknown

Somewhere in the Alps. Where exactly depends on the snow conditions and the forecast. Where the chances of deep powder snow are best, we opt for a suitable freeride area with sufficient lift-access off-piste descents. The Epique guides take you to the most beautiful descents.


In freeriding the emphasis is on making ‘first tracks’, or putting your own track. In addition, attention is paid to your technique, tactics and safety. We look for as many descents as possible directly from the lift and possibly make a short boat-pack to get to that one untracked field. The trip is suitable for both skiers and snowboarders. We expect you to at least Advanced level have.

The journey

We meet on Wednesday evening in a restaurant. Somewhere in France, Austria or Switzerland. You are free to book your own accommodation, we are happy to advise you if you can’t manage it.

Destination Price
NTB €565
Travel period(s) Wed 13 to Sun 17 Jan. 2021
Wed 20 to Sun 24 Jan. 2021
Wed 03 to Sun 07 Feb. 2021

Included in this trip:


Are you going on an adventure with us? We are happy to let you experience the beauty of the mountains, the feeling of the perfect turn and the thrill of surfing weightless on the snow.

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(W)ow.. a wafer-thin line between pain and pleasure

For me, the Silvretta hut tour was my first “hike” experience. My split board was still in the plastic when I arrived. Of course you have to be a bit lucky in terms of weather and group division on such a trip. Everything else, you don’t have to worry about that not to worry because Epique has arranged that very well.The professional guides give you a very good feeling of safety and their passion for the sport makes that they continuously challenge the group to give that little bit extra.Every day you celebrate on the climbed mountain top a small party for victory against the elements after which you put thick stripes in fresh powder.

Tip: Train your endurance. Don’t underestimate it!

Freeriding in Georgia - Martin