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Norway Enduro Road Trip


From Oslo, the capital of Norway, we go in search of the best that Norway has to offer in enduro in luxury motorhomes. We visit the coolest bike parks in Norway and ride the most beautiful trails in the vast area between Oslo and Trondheim. Since we live and move around in luxury motorhomes, this gives us the freedom to experience Norway in a unique way. In order to gain altitude gain, we use the lifts in the various bike parks as much as possible. If we drive on natural trails, we use our own shuttle: the camper! Every evening we put our campers in a beautiful spot in the middle of nature and we light the bbq to grill a local fish. No day is the same. Every day we find ourselves in a new environment, with a different bike park and again a special place to stay. The ultimate road trip for every MTB enthusiast!

Enduro trip through Norway

  • 7-day road trip in luxury motorhomes
  • A lot of descent meters
  • Untouched Norwegian nature, through forests and open landscapes
  • More than 6 different bike parks
  • An unforgettable experience, full of fun and adventure

Riding trails around Lillehammer and Trondheim

This enduro mountain bike journey takes place in the south of Norway, in the huge area between Oslo and Trondheim. In this area you will find the best bike parks in Norway. The bike parks are located in ski areas that are transformed into MTB paradise in the summer. The nature in this area is endless and it is sparsely populated, which gives us the opportunity to park our campers at a different spot every evening for an undisturbed overnight stay. The Norwegian infrastructure and nature are ideal for an unforgettable road trip.

Destination Price
Oslo and Trondheim, Norway € 1,975
Travel period(s) 31 July to 7 Aug. 2021
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique
descent condition
Ascent technique
Ascent condition

6 days descending in Norway

Day 1 – outward journey

We fly from Amsterdam to Oslo. In Oslo we pick up the luxury 4-person campers and continue our way towards Trysil. Along the way we stock up on provisions for a large part of the week. Then we look for the first overnight place of the week. In any case, there is no shortage of options, the area is rich in beautiful spots along various lakes.

Day 2 – Trysil . bike park

We have breakfast at the camper and then quickly go to the bike park of Trysil. Here we are going to hit the trails for a day, so that we eventually get into the camper tired and satisfied. After we have changed at the camper, we travel on to the next bike park. Also our overnight stay for today.

Day 3 to 7 – a new adventure every day

We repeat this beautiful principle every day. In this way we see as much as possible of the impressive surroundings that Norway has to offer. We check off a different bike park/area every day. Not every stage has a bike park, but the beautiful and challenging nature trails are just as cool. If we can’t use the elevator to gain height, we use our motorhomes. One by one we drive up to the start of a trail.

We travel daily by camper and drive through the fantastic Norwegian country. The transfer time will be approximately 1 to 2 hours per day. From Sunday to Friday we visit the following areas and bike parks: Trysil, Traktor Bike Park, Nesbyen, Beitostolen, Hafjell Bike Park, Skeikampen and Oppdal.

Day 8 – return trip

We bring the campers back to the rental and travel on to Oslo airport. We fly back to Amsterdam. This ends this journey.

Enduro mountain bike trip norway

Enduro and trails for the real king of descent!

Since the trails and bike parks in Norway have everything to offer that makes an enduro rider’s heart beat faster, the camper is an excellent means of transport during this trip. What could be better than checking off a different bike park every day? The camper gives us the flexibility to see as much of Norwegian nature as possible. We use the cars to travel through the country and stay in. During this road trip it is about making as many descent meters as possible and as few altitude meters as possible under your own power. Of course, enduro also involves some technical climbing. If we can reach a nice trail with that, we will certainly take a climb here and there. All in all, the emphasis this week is mainly on the descent!

Level of this trip

This enduro road trip is suitable for anyone who loves to descend. The bike parks offer challenging trails for both beginners and experts. Mountain bikers with different levels and difference in MTB experience can travel together perfectly. You ride the trails at your own pace and therefore at your own level. The Epique guide accompanies you to the most beautiful trails and gives you tips and tricks so that you can ride the trails even faster and smoother. You can improve your descent skills very quickly within a few days due to the many descent kilometers that we make and the variation in trails that you descend.

Enduro mountain bike trip norway

What is included?

  • 6 days of guidance by an Epique mountain bike guide
  • 1 guide per group of maximum 7 participants
  • 7 nights in a luxury 4-person camper
  • Tips & tricks, video analysis and professional photos
  • Oslo Airport Return Transfer – Camper Rental
  • All kilometers with the camper
  • epic keepsake
  • Tourist tax
  • Contribution Trees for All (to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your trip)
  • SGR Guarantee Fund
  • calamity fund


Are you going on an adventure with us? We would like to let you experience the beauty of nature, the feeling of a challenging drop-off and the sensation of endless descending.

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In the summer of 2018 I participated in the track training of Epique in Snowworld Zoetermeer. I thought that with 30 years of skiing experience I could ski quite well. The first lesson I quickly felt like a beginner. Learning those new techniques turned out to be quite difficult, but luckily this went fairly smoothly due to the clear explanation and examples of Roderik.

Halfway through the training period I registered for the off-piste training in Hintertux November 2018. I am very curious what I will learn here, enough in any case I am convinced.

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