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Learning by riding Limburg

The Netherlands

Interested in a mountain bike weekend? With this MTB training you stay in your own country and we go cycling for two days in South Limburg. Limburg is easy to drive to and a mecca for mountain bikers. The South Limburg hills have everything for a perfect mountain bike weekend, for both novice and advanced cyclists. For two days we will work on balance and agility on the bike. So that at the end of the weekend you ride more smoothly on the technical trails of Limburg, both climbs and descents.

Mountain bike weekend

  • Working intensively on your mountain bike technique for two days
  • Two beautiful and unique mountain bike routes
  • Training from experienced Dutch MTB guides
  • Mountain bike paradise in our own country
  • Ideal terrain for learning and perfecting
  • A pleasant and sporty weekend in the South Limburg hills

Driving trails in South Limburg

You spend two nights in the cycling capital of the Netherlands, Valkenburg. You arrange this overnight stay yourself. We gather every day in the center of Valkenburg. This village is located in the middle of all possible mountain bike routes in South Limburg, but also the Voer region in Belgium and the routes to Aachen in Germany. This unique part of the Netherlands is known for the green rolling hills, the many picturesque villages and the special nature with quiet areas. For mountain bikers, the area has hundreds of kilometers of trails and routes. For example, all kinds of connections and combinations can be made, so that there is a wide range for every level.

Destination Price
South Limburg €225
Travel period(s) June 5 and 6, 2021
9 and 10 Oct. 2021
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique
descent condition
Ascent technique
Ascent condition

Two days of training and riding trails

Day 1 – Meet & Greet Valkenburg and immediately on the road

On Saturday morning you travel to Valkenburg on your own. Here you will meet the guides and the other participants. We immediately set off and drive a beautiful and challenging journey. During this tour we come across technical passages that we repeat and where we do exercises. Our guide will give you several tips and tricks to make progress in your technique. During mountain biking you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice while riding a cool trip; learning by riding! This way you discover the Limburg Heuvelland and improve your skills at the same time! In the evening after dinner we discuss the day, plan the next day and look again at the group layout.

Day 2 – A little more challenging and further perfecting

On Sunday we go out again for a whole day. We drive a completely different route and make the route even more challenging than the day before. Again you get tips and tricks to improve your skills. At the end of the afternoon we conclude with a drink before we drive back home.

Lots of learning, driving and enjoying

Within 2.5 hours you are on holiday in your own country from Utrecht. South Limburg offers everything that makes a two-day MTB training successful; a beautiful landscape, endless mountain bike trails and all this combined with a beautiful culture and a hospitable population. Do you already ride well on the trails on the ridge and/or the Veluwe, but have you not yet received any instruction about mountain biking? Or have you already had basic training but do you want to apply it in hilly terrain? Then this mountain bike trip is definitely for you.

Level of this trip

This MTB training in South Limburg is for the Rookie, Beginner and Intermediate levels. The levels are here described. Throughout the weekend, attention will be paid to driving corners, taking obstacles, technical climbs and descents. All this is combined with riding a beautiful mountain bike tour. We ride on trails and visit a bike park, where all skills can be applied and practiced. Groups are classified according to level.

What is included?


Are you going on an adventure with us? We would like to let you experience the beauty of nature, the feeling of a challenging drop-off and the sensation of endless descending.

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Fun and sporty days

Saturday morning gathering in a fresh, but sun-drenched Valkenburg. After an introductory round, while enjoying a cup of coffee, we start our tour. Everyone in our group comes from the flatter parts of the Netherlands, so on the first climb there is a kind of pile-up… But in good spirits we all get back on the pedals and after that it goes a lot better. It’s a wonderful trip. All kinds of climbs, descents, paths, trails, drops and beautiful nature. Gijs-Jan navigates us through everything flawlessly, the only hitch is the closed supermarket, but luckily GJ has enough energy to continue cycling and come back with snacks, fruit and drinks. It’s two fun, sporty days. As always with Epique. Make sure you are in good shape, because that increases the fun enormously!

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