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Heli Skiing in Iceland


The Tröllaskagi (Troll Peninsula) is a peninsula, between two fjords, in the north of Iceland. Over 4000 square kilometers of breathtaking arctic landscape with terrain suitable for (almost) every skier or snowboarder. The zones are a succession of steep couloirs that get the adrenaline flowing, while a little further you can enjoy cruising on wide sloping slopes.

Heli Skiing in Iceland

Viking Heliskiing has been our regular partner for years. Their experienced guides will take you safely to the most beautiful descents. From Amsterdam it is only a 5 hour journey to Siglufjörður, the base for a heli-ski trip in Iceland. The most beautiful runs of the Troll Peninsula are within easy reach from the comfortable hotel. Iceland’s heli-skiing season starts in early March and continues until the end of May. We understand that you come here for freeriding, but even on a ‘down day’ Iceland offers unique experiences. Whale watching, a visit to a hot spring or a day of sea fishing, there is plenty to do.

Why this trip?

  • Easily and quickly accessible from the Netherlands or Belgium
  • Descents to the sea
  • Heliski terrain for everyone; sloping to really steep terrain
  • More than just heli-skiing. Descend into the midnight sun or see the northern lights from the hot tub
Destination Price
Troll Peninsula €5,150
Travel period(s) Mar 24 to 28 2022
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique
descent condition

Epique Heliski reis IJsland

Varied heli-ski terrain

The terrain and runs on the Troll Peninsula are very varied. In general, the snow cover in Iceland is very stable and the avalanche danger is minimal. As a result, you can’t ski or snowboard so consistently steep lines anywhere else. But for the less confident skiers and boarders there are more than enough ‘mellow’ runs. Especially in May you will generally find perfect spring conditions and the easiest snow that Mother Nature has to offer. In March the winter conditions dominate and you mainly ski at higher altitudes and northern slopes with wonderful powder snow.

Siglo Hotel

The hotel is beautifully situated on the historic harbor and easily one of the best hotel in Iceland. From your room or during a chill session in the outdoor pool, you can look out over the surrounding mountains and the harbor of Siglufjörður. Every evening you can enjoy gourmet meals prepared with fresh and local ingredients. In the evening you can completely relax at the bar with an Icelandic beer.

Heliskiën IJsland Hotel Siglo

Program – 3 days of heli-skiing

Day 1 – Travel to Akureyri

We leave at the beginning of the afternoon and fly via Reykjavik to Akureyri. We arrive here at the end of the afternoon and are taken to the hotel. Before we sit down for a good dinner, there is an introduction to the team and we discuss the program for the coming days.

Day 2 & 3 – Exploring Tröllaskagi

After a good breakfast the adventure starts at the ‘Viking clubhouse’. We go out all day in small groups, in search of the most beautiful descents in Iceland. Lunch is in the form of a picnic, in a beautiful spot in the mountains. At the end of the afternoon we fly back to the clubhouse for après-ski.

Day 4 & 5 – Last heli day and the return journey

We will enjoy one last day and look for the most beautiful runs of the Troll Peninsula. At the beginning of the evening we fly back to Reykjavik where we stay the last night and finish the trip in a cozy restaurant. The next morning we fly back to Amsterdam.

A journey with Viking Heliskiing

Small groups

To guarantee that the level of the group matches and that you get the most out of your trip to Iceland, we work with small groups. Viking Heliskiing works with small and fast A-Star helicopters. There is room for 4 participants, the guide and pilot. Each heli serves 1 to 3 groups: the most efficient way of heli-skiing.

epic special

For 2022 we have a ‘special’ planned to Iceland. From the Netherlands we go with a group of 12 skiers or snowboarders to Viking Heliskiing. Epique ensures that the groups fit together well in terms of wishes and level and that you can fully enjoy your adventure in Iceland. We will go heli-skiing for 3 days in a period with the best chance of wonderful powder snow.

Four top days of heliskiing in Iceland! So beautiful and so cool. I didn’t dare at first…..but I did it! Nice crew, very good accommodation and good food. I want to go back! – Gwen

Epique Heliski reis IJsland

Epique Heliski reis IJsland

This trip on another date?

Which can! All Viking Heliskiing packages can be booked through us, for the price that Viking itself also uses. From the beginning of March to the end of May you can go heli-skiing here for 3 to 6 days. Contact us for availability and a custom quote.


With a private trip you book your own helicopter, together with your family or best friends. You determine the descents and the pace yourself. It’s your journey. There are no limits, you can ski as long as your legs last.

Included in this trip

  • 3 days of heli-skiing with 13,700 meters of altitude
  • Overnight stay in hotel Siglo incl. full board
  • Ski or board in small groups of 4
  • Use of ski, snowboard and safety equipment
  • Transfers to and from the hotel
  • SGR guarantee fund
  • calamity fund
  • Contribution Trees for All (to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your trip)

Epique Heliski reis IJsland

The preparation

We ensure that you appear perfectly prepared at the start. You will also receive a training plan from us to get fit and an extensive material guide for the right gear. We make sure that you can carpool and if you want we can book your flight tickets.

Epique Training Plan

If you start training on time, you will benefit from this in the snow. Once you have booked, you will receive the Epique Training Plan from us. Through a number of self-tests you can easily choose the schedule that suits you best.

Material guide and packing list

Well before the start of your trip, you will receive an equipment guide that covers the most important details of all ski, snowboard and mountain bike equipment. You will also receive a packing list that contains exactly what you need for your trip.

Meet & greet

Well before departure we organize a Meet & Greet at our office in Utrecht. Here we discuss the journey and most important details with you again. We answer all your questions and you can already meet your travel companions.


Heli-skiing or boarding is possible all over the world at more than 100 locations. We are happy to inform you about all the options, because the differences are often in the details. Contact us and with your wishes and together we will look for the heli-dream trip.

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Insanely spectacular!

Four great days of heli ski in Iceland!
So beautiful and so cool!
I didn’t dare at first…..but I did it!
Nice crew (all kinds of nationalities), very good accommodation and good food.
I want to go back………..

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