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Heli Skiing in Greece – 5 Day Safari


Most do not realize that you can ski or snowboard in Greece. But it can. Very good even. Imagine yourself standing on the 2,919-meter peak of Mount Olympus. If you look down you see an endless choice of snowy descents towards the Aegean Sea.

Due to its location, Greece receives snow from all directions. Storms that do not hit the Alps provide a good pack of snow in Greece. In addition, two thirds of the country consists of mountains, why not go to Greece in the winter?

From the small ski areas there are few descents off the slopes. However, few ski areas mean vast terrain perfect for heli-skiing or snowboarding. In collaboration with Heliski Greece, Epique offers heliski trips to Greece. A professional heli-skiing organization that meets the highest safety standards.

5 day heliski safari

From Sunday to Friday you go heli-skiing in small groups of 4 skiers or snowboarders. The helicopter is waiting next to the hotel in the morning and serves two groups. Because of the small groups we are flexible and you get the most out of your heliski trip. This way you can make up to 12 runs per day and up to 1200 altimeters per run. The 5-day safari starts with one or two days of heli-skiing on Mount Olympus (weather dependent). After this, you will continue to the Pindus Mountains, where another 6000 km2 of snow-capped mountains await you.

Mount Olympus

From the Aegean Sea travels Mount Olympus, up to 2,917 meters above sea level. One of the highest vertical drops in Europe. Because it snows here in the winter months up to sea level, you can make some serious altimeters. Mount Olympus consists of 52 peaks and offers more than enough choice for a powder descent from the home of Zeus. You spend the night at the Litohoro Olympus Resort****. Right on the Greek coast, overlooking Mount Olympus with a cocktail after a day of powder riding.

Pindus Mountains

Further inland are the Pindus Mountains. At 40 km wide and 160 km long this is one of the best freeride areas we have ever seen. We could spend 10 years here without skiing or boarding the same run twice. After a day in the mountains it is wonderful to relax in the Ananti Resort. This five star hotel is built on a hill just outside the town of Trikala. From the pool you have a great view over the snowy peaks, where you used to pull runs through the powder a few hours ago.

Destination Price
Ananti Resort from € 6.600
Travel period(s) January to April 2019

On Sunday you fly from Amsterdam to Thessaloniki. After an hour’s drive you arrive at the hotel, at the foot of Mount Olympus. At 6:00 PM the adventure starts with a safety briefing. The pilot and guide will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the powder snow safely. In the evening there is a good dinner and a cocktail with a magnificent view over the Aegean Sea. The next morning the helicopter is warming up next to the hotel. Weather permitting, you’ll be out and about for five full days. After two days of tracking Mount Olympus you will continue inland. Another beautiful hotel and the vast Pindus Mountains await you. Three more days to go! After five days of shooting you can go right back, or recover another night in Greece and catch the first flight back on Saturday.


Heli skiing or boarding is possible all over the world at more than 100 locations. We are happy to inform you about all the options, because the differences are often in the details. Contact us and with your wishes we will look for the heli dream trip together.

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