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Heli Skiing in Alaska


The ultimate heli ski trip, at the most extreme freeride location in the world. Heli skiing and boarding in Alaska, follow in the footsteps of the pros, descend the most impressive slopes and enjoy the atmosphere in the coziest heli lodge in North America. The best thing about Alaska? You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the 18 meters of snow that falls here every year. Wide gentle slopes and challenging tree runs for the advanced, to steep spines for the experts.

Heli Skiing in Chugach Mountain

The Orca Lodge is the coolest place you can imagine. Formerly an old cannery, now a modern hotel with 37 rooms and three helicopters in front of the door. Located by the sea and on the edge of the Chugach Mountains. Where most heli operators in Alaska have to share their terrain, Points North has an exclusive area of 2000 km2. If the circumstances and your level allow it, they will challenge you and push your limits. Get dropped off at the top of the steepest runs in Alaska’s largest private playground.

Alaska, the ultimate freeride experience

Find out why many travel to Alaska for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but come back year after year. Alaska is addictive!

Destination Price
Orca Mountain Lodge from € 5,500
Travel period(s) February to April 2021

What can you expect?

  • An unparalleled ‘freeride atmosphere’
  • Alaska’s best heli-skiing terrain
  • Small groups of 4 skiers or snowboarders
  • Average 10 runs per day
  • A ski area for ‘down days’
  • Support from the Netherlands
  • The highest safety requirements
  • An all-inclusive heli-ski trip


Heli skiing or boarding is possible all over the world at more than 100 locations. We are happy to inform you about all the options, because the differences are often in the details. Contact us and with your wishes we will look for the heli dream trip together.

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Season Kick-Off 2017 - Extended version

Went on the road with Gijs-Jan Lavèn during the Kick-off as well as the 3 following days. Overall, it was a really great trip. It seemed as if luck could be forced. Unprecedented good year, that also helped. In larger and small groups in the mountains you can see that Gijs-Jan is in his element. Beautiful routes chosen and scored without a trace! Highly recommended to go on the road with him, nice and good guide!

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