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Cat Skiing or Boarding in Siberia


In the middle of the Siberian wilderness lies the old mining village of Priiskovoe (Priiskovy) and the Pri Catskiing Lodge of our partner, Skiing in Siberia. Epique has rented the entire lodge (and the snowcat) in the period with the greatest chance of powder. There is room for 12 freeriders who are not afraid of Siberian temperatures and are looking for a unique ski or snowboard adventure.

Priiskovoe, Russia

The mountains around Priiskovoe are the first to be hit by the cold Arctic air that brings snow to Siberia. While it is still warm and rainy in other parts, winter here already starts in September. Skiing is possible in early October and by November, this Siberian wilderness is full of powder snow. Due to the stable and low temperatures, the snow stays good for a long time and you can still ride deep powder days after the last snowfall.

Snowlab Pric

The lodge, Snowlab Pri, was built in 2017 for cat skiing. Modern, warm and simple. The spacious dining room is the focal point of the lodge. There are spacious single, double and quadruple rooms with a private or shared bathroom. Outside is the Banja, a traditional Russian sauna. The perfect place to relax after a day in the Siberian cold. The food is simple but good. In the morning a hearty breakfast buffet and in the evening a hearty three-course dinner. Lunch is a picnic in the mountains, soup and a sandwich. Dietary requirements and allergies can be catered for. At the bar you can get soft drinks, beer, wine and of course vodka. The drinks supply in the lodge is limited. But the snowcat driver likes to stop at the local supermarket on the way back to the lodge.


Our taxi on this trip is the powerful and reliable Prinoth Everest snowcat. It has a spacious heated cabin, purpose-built for Snowcat skiing. The Snowcat driver is not afraid of anything and does everything he can to put the group at the top of the best runs. The mechanics spend their evening servicing the Snowcat. Due to the proactive maintenance, the risk of technical problems is virtually eliminated.

Destination Price
Priiskovoe, Russia from € 1690
Travel period(s) Nov 30 to Dec 7, 2019

8-day trip with:

  • 5 days of cat skiing or boarding
  • In a group of up to 12 people
  • Accompanied by 2 local guides
  • Unlimited verticals
  • All overnight stays including meals
  • Transfers
  • Use of safety equipment
  • Using the Banja! (Russian sauna)


Are you going on an adventure with us? We are happy to let you experience the beauty of the mountains, the feeling of the perfect turn and the thrill of surfing weightless on the snow.

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Blog post

Special trip!

Went up with Epique during the Christmas week of 2018 for a unique Cat-ski adventure in Siberia. After a long journey we are warmly welcomed by the local organization. The lodge where we stay is really ‘in the middle of nowhere’, but in a beautiful setting and fully equipped. We then went on the road with the snowcat for 5 days and, despite the fact that we may not have the deep powder snow we had dreamed of, we had a great time skiing. The guide provided a nice variety between steeper, open slopes and tree runs. Of course, the necessary vodka and a visit to the Banja (Russian bathhouse) could not be missed. All this together with a nice group and good preparation by Epique made it a special trip that I remember with great pleasure!

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