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The Netherlands

Huizen is home to the largest ‘ski area’ in the Netherlands, better known as the Gooische Alps. There is a perfect mogul track on one of the seven slopes, the place to work on your mogul technique in the Netherlands. The dynamic mogul technique is the ideal preparation for your winter sports. You’ll find that you get better on poorly prepared slopes, that one black mogul descent or in the powder snow.

Buckel training at the Wolfskamer in Huizen

For the 6th year in a row we organize this training at the Wolfskamer Wintersport in Huizen. The Epique trainers will be ready for you again in the coming months on the mogul slope in the Netherlands. Three mogul tracks have been laid on the brush track that offer challenges for every level.

Lesson at the highest level

From April to October there are training sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. The trainer ensures an appropriate structure based on the level of the group. A training lasts two hours and you receive lessons at the highest level, from a Staatlich certified ski instructor. You will receive personal feedback and tips on the slopes and in between we do a video analysis (video analysis is subject to corona measures). For an optimal learning curve, we offer blocks of 4 training sessions. But it is also possible to book a separate lesson. Want to test whether the training is something for you? Join a trial lesson!

Dates & prices

Request the brochure for all dates, times, prices and availability.

Wolfskamer membership

To participate in the mogul training sessions of Epique, a membership of the Wolfskamer Wintersport is required. This membership is valid during all Epique mogul training sessions and you can ski freely at the Wolfskamer from October 2021 to March 2022. Thanks to this collaboration, we can keep the costs of the training low, and you can train independently in the Netherlands throughout the winter!

Cost of training and membership

  • Membership Wolfskamer: €115
  • Training block: € 120 (4 training sessions)
  • Individual training: € 30
  • Trial lesson: € 40


Because the slopes gradually slope from steep to flat, you can train and improve here at every level. The mogul training is therefore suitable for all levels, rookie to advanced. Anyone who can ski well can learn moguling here. And if you already have the necessary experience, then this is the ideal place to perfect your technique. We divide the groups, consisting of a maximum of eight people, on the basis of level and experience.

Destination Price
Wolf's Chamber Houses € 120 (for 4 training sessions)
Travel period(s) April to October
Tues, Wed or Thursday evening
What levels is this trip for?
descent technique
descent condition

What can you expect during the mogul training?

  • Training in a group of 8 participants
  • On the most beautiful mogul slope in the Netherlands
  • An Staatlich Diplom Lehrer
  • Tips, tricks, exercises and video analysis
  • lots of fun


Please contact us for available places. We would love to hear from you!

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About this trip

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In the summer of 2018 I participated in the track training of Epique in Snowworld Zoetermeer. I thought that with 30 years of skiing experience I could ski quite well. The first lesson I quickly felt like a beginner. Learning those new techniques turned out to be quite difficult, but luckily this went fairly smoothly due to the clear explanation and examples of Roderik.

Halfway through the training period I registered for the off-piste training in Hintertux November 2018. I am very curious what I will learn here, enough in any case I am convinced.

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