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Ski tours in the Sellrain – Luuk

After a very careful decision-making process, in season 17/18 my ‘tour ski group of friends’ chose the Sellrain group. Some slogans from the plan specially forged by Gijs-Jan: local Innsbruckers, rugged mountains, beautiful terrain, many alternative descents. Just like every year, there has been a shift in arrival and departure dates, logistics and materials. Fortunately, the group is also flexible, so that two participants can join on day 2 of the tour. For the basic setup, the adventure Axamer Lizum begins. If that sounds familiar, in 1964 and 1976 the alpine ski parts of the winter games were held here.

Day 1

After the start-up night in the former Olympic hotel (example of past glory), the circumstances force a change of course. A lack of visibility, combined with ‘durchfeuchte’ snow, hinders the crossing from Axamer Lizum to Lüsens via the Roter Kogel. There will be touring. After a few rounds of warm skiing in the area, we descend a popular local variant and descend again. Up to the cars, that is, because they are needed to reach Lüsens after all. Good first day, rewarded with a sauna in Alpengasthof Lüsens.

Day 2

With the complete group in one go up to the Schöntalspitze (3,008m): a climb of more than 1,500 altimeters. The last 300 of them Spitzenkehren through a wide and impressive couloir to the Joch and then clamber without skis to the Gipfelkreuz. What’s more beautiful than such a top? The way down of course! Lovely snow in the couloir and a tough slope. The ‘spur’ of the descent towards the Westfalenhaus is also great. Another bonus in the hut: the final of the Tour of Flanders live.

Day 3

Plenty of sun and a thin layer of fresh snow. From the hut it goes directly up to the Winnebacher Weisskogl (3.187m). Wonderfully relaxed climb, with only some steep and difficult meters in the final. Gijs-Jan doesn’t trust the last part enough, so at 100 meters below the top the sheets start to descend and we descend into the untracked and steep part of the hang. We ski over 500 vertical meters before the group splits up: one part directly to the Winnebachseehütte, the other part first to the Westlicher Seeblaskogel (3,048m) with a perfect descent as a reward.

Day 4

Another summit after a nice climb: the Breiter Grieskogel (3.287m) is the roof of our tour. For the first time we are not only on top, but the other skiers do not choose our descent. For a change, not the first, but the second part of the descent is the most beautiful. The snow in the beautiful wide valley is ideal for aggressive and high speed descents. Change is the climb of about 300 altimeters to the Schweinfurter Hütte at the end of the day.

Day 5

Today a double goal: first the Kraspesspitze (2954m) and then the Zwieselbacher Rosskogel (3,081m). During the descent of the Kraspesspitze we notice from Gijs-Jan that he does not trust it 100%. Always nice when the guide can make the right estimates. Convert and up to the second peak, which in terms of view is the most beautiful of the week. When descending to the Pforzheimer Hütte you first have to pay attention, because the top layer of snow starts to slide on a steep passage. A little later it is completely safe and we can go full throttle with the group towards the hut.

Day 6

Also on the final day we reach another summit, namely the Lampsenspitze (2,876m). During the difficult climb the weather is still good and at the top we grab the last clear moments for the view. Then it quickly closes and the beautiful pictures and the view are over. It only gets better between the trees, but there it is plodding because of the damp and heavy snow. It’s survival until we reach civilization. One last bonus before we reach the cars. We are allowed to go up another 3 km false flat to the cars. A worthy end to a fantastic week!

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