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Ski touring in the Senja – Peter

The downside of the internet…every secret is soon no longer a secret. Your secret spot will be eaten by a bunch of grasshoppers in no time, or in this case will be destroyed. The advantage of the internet is that your to do list keeps getting longer. Something always comes along that you think can be organized or I want to go there. For example, Senja in Norway, far beyond the Arctic Circle, is also such a secret spot.

And in this case, this island only has advantages for lovers of adventure on and with skis or snowboard. You are there by plane in no time, there are endless mountains and beautiful views. In addition, the climate is pleasant and often provides good conditions. The ‘low’ mountains provide an abundance of oxygen and it is above all very quiet.

There is no excuse not to go and so I call Michiel from Epique Mountain Adventures to see if this is possible. Soon we are out… let’s go. Knowing Michiel, the trip is carefully prepared. At the end of March we leave Schiphol via Trømso to Senja in our rented camper. The camper is our house at the bottom of the mountain for the coming week.

The weather immediately shows its good side, it starts with natural violence in the form of a violent storm. But this is part of outdoor sports and does not stop us from continuing the plans. The advantage of Senja, there is always a ridge between the fjords which is sheltered, where trees grow or rock walls provide enough contrast, in short, from day 1 we score fresh tracks. We build it up slowly. We spot several fantastic lines and they will one day come on. That is also great if you are on the road with a good guide, there is room to go off the beaten track. You can put the booklets with “known” routes aside, spontaneity is life and in this case many beautiful descents.

Senja lends itself to adventure an island in the shape of a hand whose fingers are beautiful mountain ridges between the fjords. And if the weather is good you have the most fantastic view. Of course, this island also has its classics such as the Segla, more than 600 meters in altitude from sea level, but the view from the top is to die for. It is certainly not busy, exactly 2 Finns and a group of French people we encountered, but every slope was virgin. It is a destination for anyone who enjoys touring, there are beautiful slopes for every level. In short, you have no excuse not to go!

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