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Ski Technique Training in Snowworld – French

Every year I ski my last week of the season in Val Thorens. In the May holiday. Most people think I’m crazy that there is still skiing even then. Always those fanatics with that ski thing while you can also sit on the beach and, enjoying a cocktail, work on your summer complexion. On the return to our beautiful but very flat country, a black hole appears in the ski season, almost all ski areas are closed and the snow has melted almost everywhere so that the ski materials end up in the attic again.

Very depressing for skiers like me. I end up in a black hole. And also to keep it fun for my environment, I have other plans: we will continue with this fantastic hobby!

In fact, we’re going to see if I can give my ski technique a major upgrade. Because who would stop skiing… when you know that in the summer you can just improve and keep up with your skills, so that you are always fit on the skis? This is all possible thanks to the Summer sessions ” from Epique, which is given in the large freezer in Zoetermeer: SnowWorld.

I had already participated in these beautiful summer training sessions a few times, but the past 2 years it was not possible due to annoying knee injuries. This summer I had my mind set on reconnecting. But with thirty degrees plus outside, why lock yourself up for a few hours in a hall where it’s about eight degrees below zero. That, of course, is the big question. Especially when the neighbors think you’ve got sunstroke if you walk by in shorts, flip flops with skis on your neck and ski boots in hand. No, that’s just funny.

The answer is simply that it is absolutely crazy . I come out with much better technique. There is plenty of space in the hall. Except for a few fanatics, the whole job is ours. Roderik will provide most of the training. The training sessions have a good structure, so it is best if you are there as much as possible. You first go all the way back to the basics, here the dots are put on the i so that your basic technique is correct. You need this if you want to make the advanced techniques succeed at all. That basis is adjusted to your level.

The training includes a video analysis, which often results in a completely different picture than what you had in mind. Surprising and fun! This is exactly what makes you better, especially after the personal tips of Roderik who takes the time for everyone. Immediately afterwards you can get started to put the tips into practice and nothing is better than that works! In the end my feeling after the “sessions” was super good, I started skiing better again, trained for the new season and had a lot of fun with the rest of the group with the same ‘love for snow’ deviation.

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