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Perhaps the most important thing about a ski or snowboard trip, the level of the trip and that of your travel companions. That powder descent that the guide picks out for you can be quite challenging but you have to be able to enjoy it. During a tour ski or splitboard tour you don’t want to get on your gums, but you still have some energy left for the descent. It is also nice if the group you are traveling with fits together. During an off-piste training everyone is at the same level and you can also learn from each other. Challenging descents can be sought during a freeride trip and a top is already conquered during the tour

Ski and snowboard levels

In order to coordinate the ski and snowboard groups as well as possible, we have five ski and snowboard levels, rookie to expert. For every trip we expect a minimum level. If several groups are going on a trip, we will divide them according to level.

Is a beginner trip right for me?

Are you already coming down on an easy off-piste descent, but is there still a lot to learn? During our beginner trips we challenge you to take the next step in your freeride career. You learn most by doing. The guide will let you make as many descents as possible in varied terrain and try to push your limits by challenging you. With targeted feedback and tips you will notice that you get more control, ski or board more stable and can handle increasingly steeper terrain.

Ski en snowboard freeride reizen voor Beginners

Ski en snowboard freeride reizen voor Beginners

Ski and snowboard training

You can make progress as quickly as possible during one of our off-piste training sessions. During the four day trip to Hintertux, or the six day trip to Portes du Soleil. In a small group, at your level, you will work on your freeride skills. The goal of every workout is to get better. But it’s still your holiday, so we’ll go skiing and boarding as much as possible. After an intensive day you can relax in the comfortable and cozy hotel Lanerbacherhof.

Tour ski or splitboard trip for beginners

Want to venture further into the backcountry and earn your own descents? Even if you are not yet a hero off the slopes, you can already learn ski touring or splitboarding. The Heidelberger Hütte in the Silvretta Mountains is the ideal place to get acquainted with touring. Since the ski area is nearby we can warm up with some lift access runs. After a number of freeride descents and some technique tips, you make your first tour. The guide will teach you how to handle the material and pay attention to running technique, such as spitzenkehren, and safety. Below you will find the tour ski and splitboard weekend for beginners.

Ski en snowboard freeride reizen voor Beginners


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