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Of course you want to travel with a group that suits each other in terms of level. Whether you ride trails in the Alps or ride a cross country trip in the Caucasus, every climb or descent should be challenging for the whole group, but still fun. To coordinate groups as best as possible, we have five mountain bike levels, rookie to expert. For every trip we expect a minimum level. If several groups are going on a trip, we will divide them according to level. For the beginners we organize training trips and clinics where the mountain bike technique is located and we make you a better cyclist. For the more experienced mountain bikers we have a varied offer of tours, within Europe and far beyond.
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Is an intermediate trip suitable for me?

You already drive smoothly on single trails and are used to easy obstacles. Your cycling condition is also pretty good and a multi-day tour is no problem for you. Because there is always something to learn, the guide is ready for you with tips and tricks. But you get better by doing. We will be driving a lot and looking for a challenge. During an intermediate journey you cycle technical single tracks and long cross country tours.

Epique mountainbike reis intermediate Slovenie

Epique mountainbike reis intermediate

Intermediate mountain bike tours

Be amazed by the great bike parks and the beauty of the Alps or the Triglav Mountains in Slovenia. Or enjoy the untouched nature and wonderful single tracks of, for example, Norway or Scotland. View the range of intermediate MTB trips below.


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