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Of course you want to travel with a group that suits each other in terms of level. Whether you ride trails in the Alps or ride a cross country trip in the Caucasus, every climb or descent should be challenging for the whole group, but still fun. To coordinate groups as best as possible, we have five mountain bike levels, rookie to expert. For every trip we expect a minimum level. If several groups are going on a trip, we will divide them according to level. For the beginners we organize training trips and clinics where the mountain bike technique is located and we make you a better cyclist. For the more experienced mountain bikers we have a varied offer of tours, within Europe and far beyond.
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Is a beginner trip right for me?

As a beginner you already have your mountain bike under control and by cycling regularly your cycling condition will improve. In the beginner group we pay attention to technique and ensure that you reach the next level. Faster on the descent, stronger on the climb and smoother in the turns. The guide gives tips and tricks and improves your skills by choosing challenging lines.

Epique beginner mountainbike reizen slovenie

Epique mountainbike reizen slovenie

Mountain bike travel for beginners

We also have a varied travel offer for novice mountain bikers. In the Harz Mountains and in the Vosges, tough climbs and challenging single trails await that are perfect for improving your technique and fitness. Do you want to go a little further from home, how about a mountain bike trip to Slovenia or Turkey? View the range of MTB tours for beginners below.


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