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My first time heli-skiing – Gwen

Can I ski well enough?

I have been listening to the enthusiastic stories of my husband and son about heli-skiing for a few years now. Fantastic views, fabulous powder snow, the most beautiful thing there is to experience. I think it would be fun too, but I keep wondering if I could do that too? Can I ski well enough? Do I dare? Am I not too old? And what about the condition? And if I still want to do it… then I have to do it now, train now and go because later I really don’t dare to do that anymore. No sooner said than done. The heli trip to Iceland was booked and then I couldn’t go back. Going to boot camp a bit for fitness, Michiel said. In March the time had come and I am so glad I took the plunge. It was crazy.

Heli Skiing Iceland

It was four days in Iceland! Not that far away and four intensive days of skiing were enough for me. Boarded a plane to Reykjavik at the end of March. Short flight, quick transfer to Akureyri. Picked up there by the Arctic Heliskiing employees. Together with the Swedish family in the bus to the lodges, the place where it will all happen. Meet the guides, pilots, equipment men/women, kitchen team and others. Search for suitable skis and view equipment/collection space. Luggage to your own lodge and then report back to the kitchen building for dinner. Very cozy with different nationalities at the table, guests and employees mixed together. And last but not least: delicious food! (although not much edible grows in Iceland). Weather forecasts for the coming days: moderate, indeterminate.

Unforgettable days

After a good night, a nice breakfast! Not good weather, but that doesn’t matter because the morning is spent on an extensive briefing! How does the airbag work, what to do in the event of an avalanche, how does the probe work, what are the commands and how do you get in and out of the helicopter. It makes you completely nervous because suppose that.. Around lunchtime the weather turns out not to be suitable for the helicopters yet…..pff secretly I am a bit relieved because it is all very scary.

We make plans for other activities, one goes skiing, the other goes hiking. When we come back it will clear up and we will take to the skies. The nerves are racing through my throat, my adrenaline level is at unprecedented heights. Now it’s going to happen and it’s so cool, so overwhelming! What a beautiful moment that was.

The three days that follow are a little more beautiful every day in terms of weather conditions and better every day in terms of snow. Every day we have super powder snow, beautiful views and fantastic descents. We were so lucky with these beautiful, unforgettable days. It is impossible to describe in words how beautiful and spectacular this trip was.

And now? Training for next time!!

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