Antarctica - Epique


Antarctica is one of the most extreme places on Earth. It is still at least as wild and untouched as when it was discovered in 1820. Nature is untouched and overwhelmingly beautiful. Few people have been here since then. Even fewer can say they went skiing or snowboarding in the South Pole. With Epique you can have that experience.

Along the rugged coasts are thousands of snow-capped peaks, surrounded by fjords, glaciers, couloirs and snowfields. Ice floes of all shapes and sizes float in the dark blue sea, from car to apartment building. Orcas, elephant seals, penguins, seals, leopard seals, albatrosses and petrels live here. They are curious rather than afraid of people, so you can sometimes get very close. This is more than winter sports, this is the expedition of a lifetime.

Experience the freedom and variety that Antarctica has to offer and go places where no one else has been. Join an expedition with Epique!


Antarctica – Snow