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Kazakhstan – Snow

Are you ready for a unique and exotic winter sports destination? Not many people see Kazakhstan as a destination for a ski or snowboard trip. In addition to the vast steppes and desert, Kazakhstan also has the Tian Shan Mountains. This elongated mountain range stretches across China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Just south of the former capital, Almaty, is the country’s largest ski resort, Shymbulak. The three lifts in the ski area take you to an altitude of 3100 meters. The high altitude and dry air ensure good snow conditions. Together with an average of 7 meters of snow per year, this is the perfect base for a special tour ski or splitboard adventure.

A trip to Kazakhstan is about more than freeriding in deep powder snow. Enjoy an ancient culture, unprecedented hospitality, impressive mountains and a visit to the Charyn Canyon.


Tour Skiing in Tian Shan, Kazakhstan

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