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As long as humans have existed, the Caucasus has been a crossroads of cultures, religions and languages. You will find a number of +5000s, including the Elbrus (5.642m), the Kazbek (5.033m), Sjchara (5.103m) and the Dychtaoe (5.205m). For centuries these have formed a border area between political and religious powers, such as the Soviets, Ottomans, Persians, Romans and the ancient Greeks. You can still feel this rich history when you are in Georgia. In the vast mountains you will come across picturesque villages, surrounded by medieval walls and towers. The population hardly speaks English, but is very hospitable and proud to receive you.

Skiing in Georgia is in full development. The government has recently invested 100 million in the construction of new ski areas. Despite the few lifts, there are plenty of off-piste opportunities. Think of +1,500 vertical meters in 1 descent. Due to the proximity of the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, the air contains more moisture and the snow conditions are very constant. In addition, Georgia is much cheaper than the Alps. We offer a variety of tours in Georgia, including ski touring, heli-skiing and freeride vacations. Join Epique and discover the hidden treasures of Georgia.


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