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Have you just bought your first mountain bike? Or have you been cycling for years? We organize training sessions in the Netherlands, in the Harz Mountains and in the Vosges for both novice and advanced mountain bikers. During our MTB training sessions we will work on your technique and skills on the mountain bike.

Mountain bike technique

Our mountain bike experts share their knowledge and experience in the terrain. The training courses contain an appropriate structure and are tailored as much as possible to your level and wishes. Besides the fact that there is a lot of attention for bicycle technology, there is a lot of riding and this is the place to make new cycling friends.
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Mountain bike training

Our motto is ‘learning by doing’, because we prefer to keep moving ourselves. Not a classic class, but doing a lot, lots of variation and differentiation, so that you continue to grow and get better every step of the way. This way you will be prepared for your next mountain bike trip in no time. Do you have specific wishes or do you want a training with your own group at a location of your choice? Let us know. We like to think along with you.

MTB training clinics in Nederland

MTB reizen Limburg


For a short training we stay in our own country and we go cycling for 2 days in Limburg. The South Limburg hills are easy to drive to and have everything for a perfect mountain bike weekend. Conquer yourself on the longest and steepest climbs in the Netherlands and improve your technical skills in the bike park. The bike parks and the network of more than 500 kilometers of mountain bike trails are very well maintained and are a great destination for a training weekend.

Harz Mountains

The Harz National Park is less than a 3-hour drive from the Dutch border. The northernmost low mountain range in Germany. The high mountains (such as the Brocken of 1,141 m.) and beautiful nature, combined with an extensive network of routes and technical mountain bike trails, form the perfect setting for a mountain bike weekend. There is a challenging route for every level here. After an unforgettable trail, such as the Brocken Trail, the Wilsman’s Trails or the Hexenstieg, you can relax in one of the hospitable Harz villages.

Epique Mountainbike reizen Schwarzwald, Duitsland

Mountainbike training in de Vogezen


Only 600 kilometers from Utrecht we find, Les Vosges! A low mountain range with an extensive network of mountain bike trails, both for beginners and experts. The most beautiful; there are almost no restrictions here for mountain bikers. The trails are lovely singletrack with a surprisingly good flow. In addition to the natural trails, we can go to Bikepark La Bresse-Hohneck and Bikepark Lac Blanc. Both with a varied offer of downhill and enduro trails, accessible from the ski lift.


Learning by riding Limburg

Mountain bike clinic on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Mountain bike training in the Harz