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Ski tour

From the lift or on the map you see a nice descent and you think; “how do I get there?”. These places can be reached with tour skis and sheets.

On the map we see a nice tour to the start of the descent and once in the right rhythm it goes quickly. Dress warmly upstairs, eat and drink, enjoy the view and see where we drop in.

During our ski tour programs we make short hikes on foot or with skins under our wide freeride skis or splitboard. In a short time we are faster and easier to special places. Planning the route and the tour itself are a warm up for the descent. The descent is the reward for the hard work.

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How fit do you have to be

Touring is physically more demanding than lift-access freeriding, but the reward is there. The heavier material and the snow cover that you tour through is slightly heavier than a mountain hike in the summer. You must bring your own heavy shoes, skis, safety equipment and possibly clothing for the cabin. Snow conditions can also make a big difference. Struggling through half a meter of fresh powder demands more from your legs than spring snow. Height also plays a role. During a hut tour in the Alps you usually stay above 2000 meters. During a tour in Norway or Iceland you start at sea level and reach a maximum of 2000 meters. Not sure of your fitness? We have developed a training plan to prepare yourself optimally and we are happy to advise you on the ideal trip for your level.

Epique - Tourskiën en Splitboarden in Isafjordur, IJsland

Touring or free touring?

When touring you do everything under your own power, freetouring is a combination of hitchhiking and touring. From the mountain station you walk further up to that one peak. Or after a descent into the backcountry, walk back to the nearest lift. Not sure if walking uphill is your thing? Try touring with a free tour trip.

Gear, what to do with it

If you are going on a tour for the first time, there is plenty of equipment for rent. This way you can find out whether walking uphill is something for you, without an investment in material. epic rents own touring skis and safety equipment. In addition, there are specialists in the Netherlands or on site with good and modern equipment. Questions about material? We are happy to help!The tour specific equipment you need:

  • Skis with tour binding / Splitboard
  • Ski boots with walking position
  • Risers
  • crampons
  • Telescopic poles with large counters
  • Backpack with the possibility to bind skis or board on it

Epique - ski touring and splitboarding, Silvretta hut tour

Day trips or a multi-day trip

In the Austrian and Swiss Alps you will find many mountain huts that are open in winter. An hut tour is the ultimate tour ski experience. You take all your equipment with you and spend the night in a dormitory in a remote, but well-maintained mountain hut. By spending the night in mountain huts you skip the descent to the valley and the long climb out again. You stay informed and can easily reach several peaks in one week. Norway, Iceland, the Middle East or Asia are perfect for day trips. With a camper or car you drive daily to the start of the first tour and on a day you make 1 to 3 climbs. And descents.

Sailing and touring

The view from the fjords of Norway and Iceland is never boring. From a sailing yacht or charter ship you can enjoy the impressive nature and freedom to the fullest. You start your day in a place where you can’t get to by car. The chance that you will encounter other tour skiers here is very small. Curious about the possibilities for an adventure from a ship? Please contact us.


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