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Ski and Sail

A Ski & Sail trip is about discovering new and extremely remote places, enjoying nature and the local culture and making new friends. Not only the most beautiful descents, but the combination of all elements makes the Ski & Sail trips special.

During a Ski & Sail trip, the ship serves as a floating mountain hut. The tours start directly from the boat at sea level, after which a way up is made on tour skis and splitboards through breathtakingly beautiful nature. Follow unique descents with a view of the sea. Together with the skipper, the guides look for the best places for unforgettable adventures.

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Who are these trips for?

A Ski & Sail trip with Epique is for everyone who loves adventure. With the boat you sail past impressive ice and enjoy the silence in these remote areas. During the day one or more tours are made. Touring is physically more demanding than lift-access freeriding, but the reward is phenomenal. Epique’s training plan will help you prepare the right way! Not quite sure? WWe are happy to advise you on the ideal trip for your level.

Epique - Tourski Expeditie Antarctica


With a Ski & Sail adventure from Epique you travel to Norway, Iceland, Greenland or Antarctica.Norway The Lyngen Alps in Norway are known for the breathtakingly beautiful fjords. We ski through couloirs and through the trees and constantly enjoy the beautiful views.Iceland The Hornstrandir peninsula in northwestern Iceland is uninhabited and also a nature reserve. The area can only be reached from the boat. The sea in this area is often calm, which makes overnight stays very pleasant.

GreenlandIn Greenland we explore the western coast, called the Västfjorden. In one of the world’s last polar wildernesses we encounter polar bears, whales and numerous birds.AntarcticaAntarctica, the coldest, dryest and windiest continent on Earth. Here you will find impressive glacier formations and we enjoy the undisturbed environment. You won’t find it rougher than this!

Epique Heliski trip Iceland

Sailing with the Arktika in Iceland


There are several boats that Epique uses during the season. For example, Norway travels with the Moondance and Vulkana, in Greenland with the Aurora, in Iceland with the Arktika and in Antarctica with the Icebird.moon dance The Moondance will be the Epique ship from the end of February. This boat sails along the coast of Norway for four months. A multitude of tour ski hotspots along the way. Epique goes through them all! The Moondance is our sailing mountain hut and takes us from Alesund, along the Lofoten, Senja and the Lyngen, to the North Cape. This awesome project will start at the end of February. You want to be here!

volcanoThis former fishing vessel was converted in 2007 into a luxury ‘spa and adventure ship’. The ship has a sauna, hot tub and a Turkish hammam. The cook on the ship provides a delicious and local menu every evening!ArktikaThe Arktika is a sailing yacht built in Italy. The ship has five guest rooms and a spacious saloon. In addition, the ship offers central heating and is certified to sail in the Arctic.AuroraThis ship is a former racing yacht that has circumnavigated the world four times. The ship was commanded several times by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, the first man to circumnavigate the globe single-handedly. This ship also offers central heating.icebird The Icebird was built by a Dutch shipbuilder. The ship has been sailing around South America and the South Pole for over fifteen years now. The crew of this eighteen meter long ship is very experienced and has been working together for years.

sunken ship antarctica


Ski & Sail Antarctic Peninsula

Ski & Sail Hornstrandir, Iceland

Ski & Sail Lyngen Alps, Norway

Ski & Sail Moondance

Ski & Sail Västfjorden, Greenland

Ski and Sail | Skitouring in Norway