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Below you will find all our mountain bike tours. A varied offer that varies from a training in the Harz where we will work on your skills. To a challenging cross country ride through Kyrgyzstan.

A mountain bike trip with Epique

Every trip with Epique is a sporty and unforgettable adventure. Our approach is what makes your holiday special. Small groups, personal service and everything arranged in detail. We prepare you optimally, take you to the most beautiful trails and ensure that you return home safely and with a big smile.
Our tours are divided into four disciplines, training, trails, enduro and cross country. Read the description per discipline below, or go straight to the trips.

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Training trips

During our MTB training sessions we will work on your technique and skills on the mountain bike. This is possible at all levels and in the Netherlands as well as in Europe. During the training, all facets of mountain biking are discussed. For novice bikers, many things will be new and get used to. The driving itself in which your condition and daring are tested, but also everything surrounding it, such as clothing, small repairs and maintenance. For advanced mountain bikers that is a piece of cake and there is more time for improving cornering work at speed or taking certain obstacles in steeper terrain. Our trainers and guides will challenge you and take you further. There is always something to learn.

Epique mountainbike reizen - training

Epique mountainbike reizen - trails


The (ski) lifts and/or bike shuttles take us to the start of the descents (Trailheads). Our Trail trips have an important goal; many descents on the most special and technical mountain bike descents. These trails and other dirt roads lead through dark forests, meadows and rugged alpine terrain and have natural obstacles such as tree roots, drop-offs, streams and small boulders. During the lift or the shuttle you can relax and recharge, after which you can start the descent with full concentration. We ride many different trails, or repeat the one beautiful one a few times. With the right tips you will quickly get better and you will go through the bends and technical passages more and more easily.


The “All Mountain” discipline of mountain biking is Enduro. It is most like mountain biking in the early years. In those times you cycled on a path or road to the start of the descent (Trailhead), after which you descended a technical trail. In our travel program, Enduro differs from Cross Country (XC) and Trails riding. At Cross Country the emphasis is more on the cardiovascular part and at Trails we descend as much as possible and use lifts or bike shuttles. During our Enduro tours you get the best of both worlds. Beautiful flow descents with technical passages that are connected by a short technical climb, a wide cart track or a lift.

Epique mountainbike reizen - Enduro MTB

Epique mountainbike reizen - cross country

Cross country

Whether you like to ride trails on the Heuvelrug or in Limburg, want to measure your performance at an XC Marathon or prefer to ride multi-day tours such as a transalps or hut tour. Cross Country (XC) mountain biking is possible at all levels and is a nice combination of endurance and technique. And all on its own. An E-mountain bike does offer the possibility to make more or easier meters. Our Cross Country trips are multi-day trips that vary in number of days, but also in amount of kilometers and altitude. From a permanent stay or a trip with several stops. Challenge and adventure on every level.


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