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Heliboarding, the ultimate freeride trip

The thumping sound of the helicopter slowly fades away. Silence. The chance to take in the untouched landscape. Soon the calm turns to excitement. Boards are fastened and the group turns to the guide. It’s time to dive into paradise…

Heliboarding is the ultimate freeride trip if you are looking for the most beautiful powder descents and a unique experience. No elevators. No crowd. Just you and the mountain. Leave the groomed slopes behind and take your snowboarding skills to the next level.

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Heliboarding with Epique

As an official agent, Epique represents the best heli operators worldwide. The most beautiful areas and lodges, highest certifications, best security protocols and always for the lowest price. We know the locations, the pros and cons and the best way to get there. If desired, we can supplement your trip with extras, such as overnight stays, activities or flights. We ensure that you can pay in Euros, without surprises due to exchange rate changes afterwards. At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of our heliboard trips.

Epique - Heliskiing & Heliboarding in Kamchatka, Russia

Who is heliboarding suitable for

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a pro to go heliboarding. The areas are vast and there is a suitable descent for every level. Your level and wishes are taken into account when dividing the groups. The guides let you get used to the terrain and the snow. From wide rolling glaciers for beginners, to steep walls for the advanced. Not sure about your level? First go a training with us for a few days . Or let us call you back for advice. We are happy to help you with your orientation.

Which heliboard trip is right for me?

There are many destinations and different packages. And everyone has different wishes and expectations. The dry powder of Canada, or the volcanoes of Kamchatka. Share a helicopter with other fanatics, or a private helicopter for you and your team. From one day to a whole week. The choices are endless. Let us know what you are looking for, we are happy to advise you.

Epique - Heli Skiing and Heliboarding in Canada. Last Frontier Heliskiing, Bell 2 Lodge

Heliskiing and Heliboarding in Canada - Last Frontier heliskiing

Heliboarding costs a fortune, right?

Ok, it probably won’t be the cheapest vacation, but that unforgettable heli trip might be more accessible than you think. With a single day of heliboarding you are relatively expensive. If you go heliboarding for several days, it will be a total package; verticals (flight hours/meters), guides, snowboard, safety equipment, and full board accommodation. This reduces costs per day and makes the experience even better. After the first day full of explanations and safety instructions, you and your group will get into the rhythm. More, steeper, faster and more spectacular. Is it already itching?

Is heliboarding safe?

Our partners work with the highest security protocols and requirements. These have been optimized with years of experience to exclude all possible risks, as far as possible. Both in the air and in the snow. The guides and pilots are there to give you an unforgettable experience, but above all to bring you home safely. They all like snowboarder. So if conditions and level allow, they are happy to crank up the throttle and challenge you. If not, they won’t. And you will be grateful to them.

Epique - Heli Skiing and Heliboarding in Canada. Last Frontier Heliskiing, Bell 2 Lodge

Heliskiing and Heliboarding in Canada - Last Frontier heliskiing

Heliboarding in a large or small group

The group size for heliboarding differs per provider and the package you choose.Large groups per heli and guide makes heliboarding more attractive in terms of costs. You then share that expensive ‘taxi’ with 10 to 12 people. You have to wait a bit more often and the chance of level differences is high. The holy grail in heliboarding is a “Private”. Own group, private heli and guide. The golden mean: 3 groups of 4 to 6 participants per helicopter. Then you set off with a small group, in a fast helicopter that drops the other groups before you are back down. This way you get the most altimeters for your money.

Heliboard specials

Every year we organize an ‘Epique special’. We rent out the entire lodge, including the helicopter(s). And look for fanatics who want to join in. With a group of like-minded people you can make your heliboard dream come true. Curious about what’s on the agenda for next season?

Epique - Heliskiing & Heliboarding in Kamchatka, Russia


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