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Of all mountain biking disciplines, Enduro is the most versatile, combining the physical endurance of Cross Country, the technical skills of trail riding and the power of climbing. Our Enduro mountain bike tours are for passionate cyclists looking for a challenge and variety. You make day trips over longer distances and look for the most beautiful descents.

Enduro Mountainbike reizen. Enduro MTB

Enduro travel

Accompanied by a guide, you make both ascents and descents, adjusting the pace and difficulty to the level and wishes of the group. We make day trips where we use ski lifts or transfers, but also have to climb under our own power. The experienced guide takes you to the most beautiful places and challenges you.

Enduro Destinations

For an Enduro trip, the Alps are perhaps the most obvious destination. Easily accessible, great mountains and many lifts. But there are also beautiful Enduro possibilities outside the Alps. The Triglav Mountains in Slovenia for example, rugged terrain with challenging singletrack. Our guides’ favorite is Spain, Zona Zero, a mountain biking area with over 1000km of trails and trails in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Enduro Mountainbike reizen. Enduro MTB

Enduro Mountainbike reizen. Enduro MTB

Enduro mountain bike

An Enduro bike, or All-Mountain bike, is designed for the toughest trails through mountainous areas. These full-suspension mountain bikes have geometry built for control and extra-large travel of 150mm or more. Usually they are equipped with a dropper post, a seat post that you can lower on a descent. The extra suspension, the extra strong frame and the fat tires make an enduro bike an overkill for the Dutch trails. But for challenging singletrack in the mountains, this bike is a must.


Norway Enduro Road Trip

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Riding trails in the Zugspitz Arena

The Triglav Trails

Zona Zero – Enduro Paradise