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Custom trips

You and your best friends, on a winter sports adventure that is completely tailored to your wishes. The best way to travel is with a tailor-made trip. A trip with your own group that is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Custom ski and snowboard trips

We can tailor-make any trip. The travel experience of our guides and travel specialists covers the most beautiful and exotic ski and snowboard destinations worldwide. From freeriding in the Alps to an expedition to Antarctica, we have the knowledge and are happy to help you with your dream trip.

We can put together a trip for your own group or adjust an existing trip to your liking. We make an inventory of your wishes, give you personal advice and put together your journey from A to Z.

Read below how your dream trip can come about. And scroll further for a selection of the possibilities.

That is how it works

  1. Let us know what your wishes are: – Call us 030 889 9011 – Or fill it application form in.
  2. In a personal meeting we go through your wishes, advise you and discuss the possibilities.
  3. You will receive a tailor-made travel proposal from us.
  4. We explain your trip and adjust the proposal to your liking.
  5. We will only book your trip when you are completely satisfied.

Maatwerk ski en snowboard reis

wintersport reis op maat

Tailor-made trip to the Alps

We know all the exotic winter sports destinations, but the Alps remain a great place to enjoy undisturbed descents. The impressive and varied freeride terrain of Arlberg or Espace Killy remains a pleasure to return to. Directly from the lifts there are numerous off-piste possibilities. With a pair of touring skis or a splitboard you can escape the crowds and the possibilities are almost endless.

Tailor-made tour ski hut tour

Another place our guides like to visit are the Austrian mountain huts. A ski tour or splitboard hut tour is a sporting challenge, which is rewarded with unforgettable descents and the wonderful atmosphere of a mountain hut. There are multiple areas and plenty of variations for a tour. The Silvretta Huttentocht is ideal for a first experience with tour skiing. Here we can warm up in a ski area and slowly build up the number of altimeters you have to overcome every day. For example, we find more challenges in the Sellrain Mountains, in the Ortler or during the classic Houte Route.

Epique Maatwerk tourski huttentocht

ski en snowboard reis naar Japan

Japan’s dry powder snow

Japan is famous for its large amount of dry powder snow. The North Island, Hokkaido, in particular, lives up to expectations every year. Descent among the iconic birch trees, from volcanoes, relax in a traditional onsen (hot spring) and enjoy the wonderful culture and excellent cuisine. Our guides have been coming here since 2011 and know the most beautiful areas and descents.

Sailing and touring

Perhaps the ultimate way to go on an adventure with your own group, skiing and snowboarding from a sailboat. It is a journey where you have to go up under your own power. Don’t worry, especially with a good guide, ski touring or splitboarding might be easier than you think. Life on a ship immediately creates a great atmosphere. From the water you reach climbs and descents that you can’t reach otherwise. The chance that you will meet other tour skiers is very small. Norway and Iceland are the perfect destinations for a winter sports trip from the water.

Epique zeilen en tourskiën maatwerk reizen

Epique heliski reizen op maat

Tailor-made heliskiing

The possibilities for a heli-ski trip are almost endless and each destination has its own ‘character’. Deep powder in Canada, descents of volcanoes in Kamchatka or a long weekend in Romania. Depending on the group size, expectations and budget, we always know how to find the perfect heliski destinations for you. We do heliski trips in collaboration with local partners. We offer their trips, for the same price. We can make your heliski trip unique according to your wishes. For example, combine heli-skiing in Iceland with a few days of ski touring or split boarding. Or take a snowmobile tour through the wilderness of Canada.

Ski Touring & Split Boarding in Georgia

Winter sports in a country that you don’t immediately think of? Georgia is one of our favorites from the list of exotic winter sports destinations. The mountains are impressive, the snow is very good, the ski areas are undiscovered and the cuisine is exquisite. We especially have a soft spot for the Svaneti region, near the border of Russia. The small ski area of Mestia has wonderful freeride opportunities. And the medieval village of Ushguli is perhaps the most unique tour ski destination in the world.

Ski en snowboard maatwerk reis naar Georgië

Epique Tourski en splitboard maatwerk Noorwegen

Tour Ski and Splitboard Road Trip

This winter camper holiday has been a success at Epique for years. A tour ski or splitboard road trip with your best friends. Norway has endless tour ski possibilities. The best way for a week of adventure, with a motorhome. Waking up every morning at the bottom of the start of the next tour. A luxury motorhome is comfortable and cosy.