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Custom trips

You and your best friends on a mountain bike adventure tailored to your needs. The best way to travel is with a tailor-made trip. A trip with your own group that is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

A tailor-made mountain bike trip

We can tailor-make any trip. The travel experience of our guides and travel specialists covers the most beautiful and exotic ski and snowboard destinations worldwide. From a long weekend in the Vosges, to an expedition in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, we have the knowledge and are happy to help you with your dream trip.

We can put together a trip for your own group or adjust an existing trip to your liking. We make an inventory of your wishes, give you personal advice and put together your journey from A to Z.

Read below how your dream trip can come about and scroll further for a selection of the possibilities.

That is how it works

  1. Let us know what your wishes are: – Call us 030 889 9011 – Or fill it application form in.
  2. In a personal meeting we go through your wishes, advise you and discuss the possibilities.
  3. You will receive a tailor-made travel proposal from us.
  4. We explain your trip and adjust the proposal to your liking.
  5. We will only book your trip when you are completely satisfied.

Enduro mountain bike trip norway

Epique Mountain bike trail trip Vosges, France

Challenges in the Vosges

The Vosges are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of mountain bike destinations. But this French low mountain range is a true mountain bike paradise and, only 600 kilometers from Utrecht, it is also very easily accessible. At first glance, the Vosges seem undulating and lovely. But there is a world-class bike park and plenty of challenging single tracks to ride. This is because there are almost no restrictions for mountain bikers in the Vosges and hiking trails are also allowed. With a 6-hour drive you are an area with countless possibilities.

The unspoilt landscape of Scotland and Wales

Scotland is a world-class destination for mountain bikers. Natural paths and landscaped trails in a breathtaking landscape. Our guides will take you on the most beautiful trails. As a beginner, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Scottish countryside, including trails along the legendary 7Stanes. The vast valleys of Scotland are also ideal for a cross country or bikepacking adventure. To the south, in Wales, we find professional bike parks where you can ride challenging single tracks.

Epique Mountain bike trip to Morocco, High Atlas

The High Atlas and Morocco

The rugged Atlas Mountains, combined with a wonderful culture and hospitality, make Morocco a special mountain bike destination. The mountain range is rugged and stony and looks very different from the Alps. You drive over rugged ridges and through green valleys with small Berber villages. The highest point is the Atlas Mountains, the Jebel Toubkal, lying at 4165 meters. You don’t just come here for cycling, but also for the hospitable culture and delicious cuisine. After a great trip, the deliciously spiced kitchen is waiting for you. Epique takes care of your dream trip where you are sucked into the Moroccan culture.

Sail and Bike

Perhaps the ultimate way to enjoy nature, tranquility and a mountain bike adventure. From a ship or sailing yacht. If you like a challenge and an unforgettable adventure, this is the ultimate way to travel with your own group. Life on a ship immediately creates a good atmosphere and from the water we take you to an environment that you normally cannot reach. The chance that you will meet someone here is very small. For example, sailing and mountain biking are possible in Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Turkey.

Epique mountain bike trip Mallorca

Helibike travel

Descend with your mountain bike in places where you normally do not or hardly go? Helibiking is possible, for example, in Canada and Romania. The Tarcu Mountains in Romania and the Rocky Mountains are perfect for this ultimate mountain bike adventure. Due to the good accessibility, Romania is even suitable for a long weekend of helibiking. We do heli-bike trips in collaboration with local partners and can be completely adapted to your wishes.

Mountain Biking in Kazakhstan

We go into the heart of the Tian Shan Mountains for a unique mountain bike trip. The snow-capped mountains provide a stunning backdrop for our mountain bike tour through the valleys of Kazakhstan, with lush meadows and plateaus teeming with grasslands and wildflowers. We alternate the untouched nature with a visit to the bustling city of Almaty. A mountain bike trip to Kazakhstan is an unforgettable combination of adventure, nature, delicious cuisine and hospitable culture. If you’re looking for a tour that’s really off the beaten track, this is it!

Epique Mountain bike trip Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Mountain bike road trip

A road trip with your best friends. In Norway you can park your camper almost anywhere, the ultimate way to enjoy the peace and nature. We visit the most beautiful bike parks and make long cross country trips along the rugged fjords and coastlines of Norway. With the camper, they are flexible and can easily respond to the wishes of the group and the weather. Waking up every morning at the start of the next trail. A luxury camper with good beds, comfortable and very cosy.


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