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Cross Country

Cross Country (XC), also known as marathon, is the most well-known form of mountain biking. Cross Country mountain biking is a sport that combines endurance and technical ability, preferring long climbs and descents. The terrain of an XC ride is very varied, ranging from winding singletrack, to the gravel paths that connect them. Don’t have a mountain bike at your disposal? No problem, these can usually be rented on site.

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Cross Country MTB tours

During a Cross Country trip we make day or multi-day trips. Along the way we can encounter all types of terrain. Think of wide forest paths, winding hiking trails and playful stretches of singletrack. A Cross Country trip is for anyone who loves a challenge and impressive landscapes. Challenge yourself on long climbs, enjoy unforgettable views and test your technical skills on the descents.

XC Destinations

Because we are not dependent on lifts and built trails, there are plenty of destinations for a Cross Country trip. The Alps is a popular and amazing destination, but there are also plenty of exotic destinations. There are the winding singletracks along the fjords, mountains and rugged coastlines of Norway, and there is a multi-day trip along medieval villages in the Greater Caucasus. Check out our Cross Country tours below.

Cross country mountainbike reis Noorwegen

Cross country mountainbike reis Noorwegen

Cross Country Mountain Bike

An XC mountain bike is the most commonly seen bike on the Dutch mountain bike trails. They are generally lightweight bikes and developed to to climb along, to blast hard over the singletrack and to steer tight and efficient. Most Cross Country mountain bikes are hardtails with a suspension fork with 80 to 100mm of travel. But there are also more and more full-suspension variants on the market. Both are suitable for an XC journey.


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