Traveling in Corona time

Since June 16 we can travel again to a large part of Europe. Epique is also going on an adventure again, to Austria. In our opinion the ideal destination at the moment. Here is an explanation of the situation and the measures we take when traveling.

Code yellow

A large part of the countries within Europe now have a yellow travel advice. That means there are security risks. These are the same risks as with us in the Netherlands. Travel website Escape has launched a handy map; Covid Controls. On this you can see, among other things, which countries are in lockdown, where the borders are open and how bad the corona virus is still prevailing. According to the figures, a trip to Austria is therefore a ‘healthy choice’. The catering industry, hotels and glacier areas have been open again since 15 May. Taking into account the corona measures of course. So daily life is well underway here.

Travel measures

Our partners in Austria are happy to welcome us again. They will do everything they can to make our stay as safe, healthy and comfortable as possible. The dining room is large enough to keep your distance, the rooms are spacious and the beds are far enough apart. Prefer to be alone in a room? That is of course possible.

To travel with a pleasant feeling and to ensure that everyone is on the same page, we have listed the precautions.

The general rules, which also apply across the border :

  1. We keep 1,5 meters away
  2. Stay home in case of fever, cough, sneezing or illness
  3. We don’t shake hands
  4. We wash / disinfect our hands as much as possible
  5. You sneeze and cough into your elbow
  6. Blow your nose in a tissue paper
  7. We pay contactless as much as possible

1,5 meters on a trip

The distance rule differs per country. Belgium and Germany keep 1.5 meters, in Austria it is 1 meter. This does not apply to people from the same household. We assume 1.5 meters, so that we are safe everywhere. Literally and figuratively.

In the car

You are probably traveling through Germany, where you have to keep 1.5 meters away in the car if you do not belong to the same household. We therefore advise you to travel alone with people from your household. We do not recommend carpooling in corona time and is entirely at your own responsibility.

To fly

Flights are slowly starting up again. Please contact the relevant airline in good time whether the scheduled flights will take place.

Epique and Corona

When we go on an adventure together, we observe the following measures:

On the mountain:

  1. we stick to the general measures
  2. we ski or snowboard 1,5 meters apart
  3. we stop and pause 1,5 meters apart
  4. we wear mouth and nose covers where it is mandatory, such as in the lift stations and the buffet area of the restaurants. A buff or scarf is sufficient.

In and around the hotel:

  1. we stick to the general measures
  2. we follow the directions of the staff
  3. we are outside as much as possible and open windows and doors in the rooms as much as possible
  4. Can we sit together as a group? A minimum distance applies with the tables of other groups
  5. we sleep in the room with someone from our own group. If you share a room, we will ensure that the beds are at least 1.5 meters apart.

Mouth caps with you

In Germany and Austria there are still a number of places where a mouth cap is mandatory. Think of gas stations, roadside restaurants and supermarkets. The number of places where this is mandatory decreases quickly, but bring a mouth cap just to be sure.

In case of symptoms

  • Before the start of the trip: unfortunately you are not allowed to join.
  • During the trip: report this to the guide immediately.
  • After the trip: report this to us via; Then we can inform other travelers, guides and the hotel.
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Fantastic end to my ski season

Three wonderful days in Arlberg with two groups. Hiking, touring to get to the best runs. Which certainly would not have been such a great success with the first two, foggy, days without the guides Wolfgang and Christian.



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