Safe and comfortable freeriding

As long as you’re doing it wisely, off-piste skiing and snowboarding isn’t as dangerous as you might think. Epique has a team of experienced and certified ski and snowboard guides . The guide has extensive knowledge of snow and avalanche science and knows the area where we will be freeriding. Every morning he or she will assess the weather and snow conditions to guide you safely to the most beautiful descents. The guide thinks about safety, you can enjoy.

During all trips and training with Epique it is mandatory to carry an avalanche transceiver and backpack with shovel and probe. This way you can be found, but you are also able to provide assistance in the event of an accident. Practicing with these materials is a standard part of any journey or training with Epique. No material yourself? Don’t worry, we have a set for rent.

Your skills on skis or snowboard are also important for safety. Before we take you on a trip, we want to know what you off-piste level is. Based on your experience and wishes, we look for a suitable trip.

Safe mountain biking

Safety is also of great importance during our mountain bike trips. Wearing a helmet is necessary. The guides know the trail you will be riding and can indicate in advance where you have to brake and where you can let the bike run. Which trails we ride depends on your level and experience.

Good equipment is a must during a mountain bike trip. This starts with a well-maintained bike, equipped with a decent group and good brakes. During a multi-day trip we enter uninhabited areas. Not only you have to keep this up, your bike too.

The safety equipment you need depends on the chosen trip. For a cross-country trip, it remains with a helmet. We do downhill with full protection; integral helmet, goggle, neck brace, arm, knee and shin protection, back protector and gloves.

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Great again!

Had a great week in Portes du Soleil, both in the snow and in the hotel! Had a lot of fun with the group. And our guide Roderik was able every day to find beautiful descents that matched our level. Again learned a lot, done new things and pushed boundaries. I'm already looking forward to the next trip! #addicted

Alice Bastiaans


Are you going on an adventure with us? We are happy to let you experience the beauty of the mountains, the feeling of the perfect turn and the thrill of surfing weightless on the snow.

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