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Good preparation is important for our trips. You often book your trip a few weeks, months or even a year in advance. Use this time well to ‘get ready’. In addition to your material and technique, condition and general fitness determine the success of an adventurous ski, snowboard or mountain bike trip. Because we are on the road intensively for several days, load capacity and recovery capacity are decisive. One day popping often succeeds, but four or six days is tough if you are not fit. Our guests are not pros or top athletes, but active and sporty people. They are fanatical mountain sports enthusiasts, who have sufficient technical knowledge to do beautiful things, but above all are well prepared physically and mentally. This way they can enjoy every day, and every climb or descent. It’s vacation after all!

In mountain sports, among other things, sufficient oxygen uptake in the blood is very important. At altitude, the oxygen content in the air is less, so your body has to work extra hard when you exercise. Good stamina prevents many problems and makes recovery easier. For skiing and snowboarding, strength and stability are also very important. Good preparation with, for example, physical training ensures that your body becomes loadable for heavy and long-term stress. You will not become ‘Arnold’, but you will become stronger and fit. In addition, you also build mental tension by working towards a goal. Once at the start you are mentally and physically ready.

You can train endurance in different ways. We recommend creating a good base and training a lot of intensive duration from there. Cycling, running, ATB or loose on the cross trainer are good ways to train or keep up with your endurance.

Train strength with your own weight first. For example, with floor exercises, with positions and movements that you use when skiing and boarding, you improve your balance and your body gets used to the load. If you go into the weight room, train a lot with free weights such as kettlebells, TRX or barbell (bars). Do exercises that strengthen your lower back, abdomen, shoulders and neck. Training legs is good, but you already grab this enough while cycling and walking. This makes them strong and durable for a long time.

Are you looking for a training buddy? Visit Rik and Freek van movelife . They combine nutrition, training, coaching and physiotherapy and can prepare and guide you well for a descent with Epique. The right preparation is different for everyone. They therefore work with tailor-made programs. Feel free to take a look at their website for the different options.

Do you have any questions or do you need help with the preparation? Please contact us.

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was great!

Had a very nice trip with the guides from Epique. We were on the road with a diverse group (10 people), of which 8 excellent skiers and 2 novices. Finally went out with 8 men with some challenging hikes and cool runs. was great!

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