What do you take with you on a trip?

Well before the start of your trip or training you will receive an extensive packing list with everything you need to take with you. safety first . An avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe is required on all ski or snowboard trips. A helmet is mandatory for every trip, in the snow or on a bicycle. The rest depends on the type of trip and your preference.

Do you have questions about gear? We are all experienced skiers, boarders and mountain bikers. We are happy to advise you.

You don’t have to buy everything yourself, renting is also an option. There are plenty of specialists in the Netherlands and sometimes at your destination where you can rent equipment.

Epic rents!

We rent 3 unit, regular freeride backpacks and jet force bags . Need something for your trip with Epique? Reservations can be made via

Rental equipment and prices:

Safety gear:

  • Freeride backpack (24 ltr) with 3 unit: € 15 pd
  • Tour backpack (40 ltr) with 3 unit: € 15 pd
  • Jetforce backpack (24 or 34 liters) with 3 unit: € 35 pd
  • 3 unit (beeper, shovel or probe): €7.50 pd
  • Freeride (24 ltr) or Tour backpack (40 ltr): €7.50 pd
  • Jetforce backpack (24 or 34 ltr): € 27.50 pd

The price is calculated on the number of days that you use the gear.

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Fantastic kick off

Join the WePowder Kick-off for the first time in early December. Location Val d'Isere Espace Killy, the freeriders paradise! And once again a trip with Epique was fantastic. Gijs-Jan as a guide knows how to make you enthusiastic, to motivate and still find beautiful descents every time. Furthermore, we had a very nice and pleasant group, I made a tour for the first time and we had, not unimportantly, beautiful weather. In short: another fantastic, beautiful, cool, fun, educational and beautiful freeride trip. Thank you Gijs-Jan and Epique!



Are you going on an adventure with us? We are happy to let you experience the beauty of the mountains, the feeling of the perfect turn and the thrill of surfing weightless on the snow.

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