Well insured off-piste and when traveling

Travel and accident insurance

For our trips abroad it is mandatory to have travel and accident insurance with European or International coverage. To go on a winter sports holiday well insured, it is important that you take out travel insurance with both winter sports cover and cover for medical costs. That is not included as standard. Check whether special risks of accidents in mountaineering off the beaten track and/or skiing and snowboarding off-piste (search, rescue, etc.) are also covered. This is because of the high medical, SOS and transport costs in mountain areas and to protect yourself as a participant. Are you already insured yourself?! In that case, inquire with your insurance company whether ‘high mountain risk’ is sufficiently covered and whether the country of destination is also covered. On the Independer’s website you will find an extensive page with more information about winter sports coverage.

Medical costs during winter sports: how are you insured?

Of course you don’t hope so, but something can always happen on the slopes while skiing or snowboarding. You could collide with someone else or break an arm or leg after a fall. That is annoying enough, especially if you still receive a bill for thousands of euros afterwards. Because those medical costs can add up considerably, especially if you have to be taken off the slopes by helicopter. So prepare well and make sure you have the right coverage on your health and travel insurance.

Take out travel insurance with cover for winter sports and medical costs

For winter sports it is important that you take out travel insurance with the right coverage. To properly insure your winter sports equipment, you need special winter sports cover. With this your skis or snowboard are insured, but if you have to go home unexpectedly, you will also get the costs of already paid ski lessons or ski passes back.

In addition to the winter sports cover, additional cover for medical costs is also important. Especially if you end up in an expensive Swiss private clinic, your health insurance does not reimburse everything. Because your health insurance does not reimburse more than the Dutch rate. The remaining part will then be reimbursed with the medical costs cover of your travel insurance.

How is your winter sports equipment insured?

During winter sports you are of course careful with your skis or snowboard. Because good winter sports equipment is of course not cheap. With travel insurance, your belongings are insured against loss, damage and theft. However, in most cases the compensation is not unlimited.

Reimbursement for skis and snowboard not unlimited

Your skis or snowboard are covered by the luggage coverage of your travel insurance. This also applies to ski clothing. The luggage cover is standard with your travel insurance and you do not have to take out separately. Keep in mind the maximum reimbursement per person or per policy. For example, there is a maximum compensation for only the winter sports equipment, but also a maximum compensation for all luggage together.

The amount of this compensation varies greatly and also changes regularly. Some travel insurers reimburse up to 500 euros, while others go up to 5,000. Therefore, check your policy conditions carefully or contact your travel insurer, so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

Cancellation insurance

It is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend that you also take out cancellation insurance. This must be done no later than 7 days after booking your trip. You take out cancellation insurance for unexpected events, as a result of which you can no longer travel or have to go home earlier. We as an organization have nothing further to do with this and will therefore not refund you the travel sum. In order to still receive compensation for the costs incurred, it is wise to take out cancellation insurance in advance. Unfortunately, the chance that something will happen cannot be removed, but you can avoid the financial disappointment.

In which cases is cancellation insurance useful?

There are several situations that can cause you to cancel your holiday. In most cases, your cancellation insurance reimburses the costs that you have already incurred for booking the trip. For example, consider the following events:

  • Death or serious illness of a housemate or family member.
  • Unexpected pregnancy.
  • A divorce.
  • Serious damage to your home or business, for example due to fire or burglary.
  • Suddenly losing your job, or getting a new job.

Even if you are already on holiday and unexpectedly have to go home earlier, you will be reimbursed for the costs. For example, for hotel stays or ski passes that you had already paid. It is important that you also take out travel insurance with winter sports cover.

Cancellation insurance does not apply to expected situations

In a number of situations, your cancellation insurance does not reimburse the cancellation costs. If it is something you already knew when booking the trip, you are not covered for this. For example, if you already knew at the time that you would become unemployed or get a new job.
An argument with a travel companion or the threat of a terrorist attack is also not a valid reason to invoke your cancellation insurance. In the event of an (acute) terrorist threat, the travel organization often offers the option of rebooking the trip free of charge.

Short-term or continuous cancellation insurance?

You can choose short-term or continuous cancellation insurance. If you only go on winter sports once a year, a short-term cancellation insurance is the cheapest. If you go out several times a year, a continuous cancellation insurance is the most sensible. Then you are insured throughout the year for the cancellation of a trip, also within the Netherlands.

Canceling a trip: what to do?

Do you want to cancel your holiday and claim the costs with your cancellation insurance? Please contact your intermediary or travel insurer. They then deal with the damage and arrange for compensation.

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