Michiel de Ruijter, founder and owner of Epique.

“During my work as a guide and in my spare time I spend a lot of time in the mountains for sports, adventure and to enjoy the beautiful nature.

In recent years I have been increasingly touched by the strong change I observe during my travels in the mountains: the glaciers are getting smaller, less wild animals and the changing weather patterns. Nature has a hard time and in the end we, the people who love it so much, pay the price.

We as a travel organization contribute to a certain extent to these changes. I therefore feel responsible to do everything I can to compensate for the damage. With Epique, I aim to make all trips that have been carried out and to be carried out climate neutral by compensating for the CO2 footprint.

Our CSR promise

We are an organization in the middle of nature. We love untouched nature and enjoy silence and the grandeur that the mountains offer.

But we are also a company that makes it easy for people to experience this in the most special corners of the world, from Japan to Chile and from Canada to Iran.

Despite our love for untracked descent, we ourselves leave a footprint: a climate footprint.

Therefore our promise:

in 2023 we will become Lifetime Carbon Neutral.

In doing so, we commit ourselves to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) No 13: Climate Action

Our approach

Measurement & Disclosure
We measure our impact and make it public. Total Epique emissions are approximately 1,000 tons of CO2 per year. We publish an annual sustainability report.
We investigate where to reduce resource use.
We inspire our colleagues, business partners and customers by communicating about our climate strategy.
Sustainability & behaviour
We ensure that our behavior is adjusted.
If prevention is not possible, we plant trees .

Impact of Epique

Transportation (60%*): Airplane, heli, car
Stay (30%): Hotels
Material & maintenance (5%): Clothing, gear, wax etc
Other (5%): (e.g. our office)

  • * % of our total impact

All emissions in scope:

Epique takes responsibility for all its impact, including the scope 3 emissions as defined in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol ( www.ghgprotocol.org ).

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