Corona guarantee

Your adventure continues

In addition to having a major impact on our daily lives, the coronavirus also has a major impact on your holiday plans. Too many dream trips have already been canceled or converted into a voucher. Epique guarantees that we will do everything we can to keep your Epique adventure going. But we also guarantee that you will get your money back if that doesn’t work.

There is (almost) always an alternative

We are just as eager to travel again and are specialists in adapting to changing situations. If your destination goes to code dark red, we will move the journey to a safe and comparable location. If we do not succeed, we will refund your travel sum. Below you can read all the details about the conditions that currently apply (from 01.10.2020, last update 26.05.2021).

Your Epique trip canceled due to corona

There are a number of reasons why Epique cannot carry out your trip:

  • The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control issues code dark red for your travel destination.
  • Your travel destination imposes a quarantine obligation for travelers from the Netherlands or Belgium.
  • The specific valley/ski area/hotel will be closed.

Then we offer you these options:

Option 1: Alternative trip. You simply travel to an alternative destination for which there is no negative travel advice. The price, dates, program and conditions remain the same, if possible. If cheaper, you will get the difference back.
Option 2: Epique Voucher. We convert your full travel sum into an Epique corona voucher. This voucher is valid for 1 year and can be spent on all Epique trips and training courses.
Option 3: money back. We will refund the already paid travel sum within 8 days.

Tested positive before departure

You can cancel your trip up to 1 day before departure in case you have tested positive and cannot travel with you. You will receive a voucher or your travel sum, minus organization costs of €50, within 8 days. If you are not vaccinated, you are not allowed to enter some countries. It is your own responsibility to keep a close eye on this and decide on this.

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Despite Covid, still able to ski this season

Nice 2 months on the moguls trained in Huizen. Educational and pleasant. No real snow, but definitely recommended! Back again in the fall!



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