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Read the terms & conditions below, with the article number, about which we get the most questions. Below is a brief explanation. You can read all our terms & conditions here to download. We recommend that you read them to avoid misunderstandings.


1.1. The agreement is concluded when the client accepts an offer (not exclusively, but possibly in the form of a recommendation) from the organizer orally (or by telephone) or in writing (including e-mail or via the internet). The agreement can be concluded directly or through mediation. The client will receive a written confirmation of the agreement by e-mail from the organizer or the intermediary.

You book a trip by mail, telephone, WhatsApp or, for example, with a beer, after a mountain bike ride on Sunday afternoon. In this case, the agreement is concluded and therefore final. We confirm this by means of an invoice.

1.5. The person who enters into an agreement with the organizer on behalf of another person is jointly and severally liable towards the organizer for all obligations arising from that agreement, as is the customer (the person who benefits from the arrangement).

You book a trip on behalf of your friends or family. From that moment on you are responsible for the booking, until the invoice has been paid by your friends or family.


2.2. If the agreement is concluded more than 42 days before the start and the amount of the agreement exceeds EUR 250 (two hundred and fifty euros), the client has the right to pay in two installments. The first installment (deposit) is at least 20% of the total amount of the agreement and must be paid within 8 days after the conclusion of the agreement. The second installment is the remainder of the amount of the agreement and must be paid no later than 42 days before the start.

If you book far in advance, and the amount is €250 or higher, you pay 20% within 8 days. You pay the other 80% 42 days before the start of the trip or training.

If the amount is less than €250, you pay everything within 8 days, regardless of the time until the start of the trip or training.

Book within 42 days before the start of the trip or training. Then you pay 100% within 8 days. Regardless of the amount.

2.6. Bookings that are placed with the organizer and fall outside the standard package (including, for example, airline tickets, transfers, hotels and materials), must be paid in full by the client immediately after, or at the latest within 5 working days after receiving the order.

We must pay our partners directly and in full for airline tickets that we purchase. This is why we like to receive your payment within 5 working days.

Changes by client (by you)

5.1. The client can request the organizer to change the agreement up to 42 days before the start, without prejudice to the organizer’s right not to honor this request. Due to organizational costs of changes, the client owes the organizer EUR 50 plus any change costs for each change. If the amount of the amended agreement is more than 10% lower than the previous agreement, the cancellation policy as referred to in Article 6 of these terms and conditions applies to the remainder.

You want to change a booking. Please contact us asap. We’re going to fix it.

Cancellation by client (by you)

6.1. The client is advised to take out cancellation insurance, accident insurance and/or travel insurance.

You want to cancel a booking? Please contact us asap. One of our first questions will be; “Do you have cancellation insurance?”. Taking out cancellation insurance in good time prevents, in most cases, a lot of (financial) disappointments. Heb je geen annuleringsverzekering, dan betaal je zelf alle kosten. Lees hier meer over (annulerings)verzekeringen.

Changes by Organizer (by Epique)

7.3. The arrangement or activity will also take place in bad weather and/or conditions, unless other arrangements have been made in writing in advance. In case of bad weather and/or conditions, the organizer will make every effort to adjust the program in such a way that the nuisance for participants is limited. Activities can be canceled by the organizer if, in the opinion of the organizer, continuing them is not useful or cannot be carried out in connection with, among other things, but not exclusively, safety.

Cancellation by organizer (by Epique)

8.1. The organizer has the right to cancel the agreement up to 14 days before the start if the number of registrations is less than the pre-published minimum number of participants.

We know from experience that there are always a number of training courses or trips where the registrations do not run wild. This can be a new training or trip, but also an existing training or trip in a certain week or month. We keep a close eye on this, because we also want the training or trip to continue. If you have already booked, we will keep you informed.

8.3. In the event of cancellation by the organizer due to the circumstances referred to in Articles 8.1 and 8.2 before the start of the arrangement or activity, the client is entitled to a full refund of the monies already paid. The organizer will make every effort to offer the client an arrangement or activity of comparable quality, if possible in the same period.

If a training or trip cannot take place, we will offer an alternative.

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