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Call us a ’boutique tour operator’. Extraordinary Destinations , small groups, personal service and good organization. We make it an unforgettable and educational adventure. A ski, snowboard or mountain bike trip with Epique is more than just a fun vacation. We go that little bit further. Down to the smallest detail. Everything to give you the best experience. Every trip or training again. And that has been with great pleasure for more than ten years now. That approach is what makes a winter sports or bike trip with Epique special. Feel free to ask someone who has has been with us, read their reviews or travelogue . We prepare you optimally, guide you to the best locations and ensure that you return home safely and with a big smile.

Skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking with an Epique guide

We don’t just send you on the road. During our activities you will be guided by our experienced team of certified trainers and guides. They are also fanatical skiers, bikers and boarders who stand in the middle of the working field. They know better than anyone the long road to optimal performance. Partly because of this, we know exactly what modern freeriding is all about. We have the best contacts and are always aware of the latest developments in the ski, board and bike ‘scene’. Motivation, the ability to put things into perspective and respect are part of our approach. Your comfort and safety is what we act upon. Our passionate team is always ready to help you, get better and let you enjoy your winter sports or cycling holiday. This is how we turn every trip into an Epique experience.

Get inspired and go on an adventure

See our website as a book for inspiration. Full of cool winter sports and cycling destinations. A long weekend of skiing or snowboarding and working on you off-piste technique . The best areas and lodges to visit heli-skiing . The most beautiful destination for a tour ski or splitboard trip. The most challenging climbs and trails for a mountain bike trip. Look around and be inspired. Contact us and together we will look for the adventure holiday that best suits your needs. Traveling with your own group? We are happy to make a tailor-made proposal without obligation.

Ski or snowboard trip with Epique

Whether you are going off-piste for the first time or are already an experienced freerider. Epique has a winter sports challenge that suits your level. Has heli-skiing been on your bucket list for years, but not sure if you’re good enough? Join an off-piste training, our guides will prepare you for the deepest powder snow.

Have you been going ski touring or splitboarding in the Alps for years and are you ready for the next step? We know the most beautiful tour destinations. Peace and space in Norway or Iceland, climbing a volcano in Japan or challenge and culture in Kazakhstan.

Mountain bike trip with Epique

A new branch of sport, in which we have many years of experience. When our guides put their skis and snowboard in the attic, the mountain bike is prepared again. They know the most beautiful bike parks and routes in the Alps and far beyond. They have discovered the most beautiful cross-country trips and the coolest trails. From Norway to Africa they know how to guide you along the most beautiful routes.

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Best trip ever!

Dear Michael, I can say that the 'wePowder Season Kick Off' was the most beautiful trip I have ever made in the mountains (and there are quite a few, because I have been skiing since I was 3 years old). So I can think of very little criticism. We are clearly and always informed well in advance, which is reassuring for a beginner. The price was right for the unforgettable experience I got to experience. You and your employees were always friendly and helpful. Erwin is a very great gentleman. Not only literally but also figuratively. Taking a beginner group safely off-piste is a challenge. The difference in level in the beginners group did not make this any easier. The last day the 'lesser gods' of the group were not with us and we kept a very nice pace. I have learned a lot in various areas (technique, safety, choice of terrain, group dynamics,...). His approach was thoughtful, constructive, pleasant with an occasional 'dry' humour. You always 'triggered' me when it came to safety. Not that I felt unsafe (perhaps during that long descent with traverse), I would rather describe it as 'aware of the various dangers'. I was able to get acquainted with the different aspects of 'freeriding' and it leaves me wanting more. So, I also want to wish you the best of luck with Epique. I am sure we will meet again soon. Best regards from exotic Belgium! Dries Plevoets

Dries Plevoets


Are you going on an adventure with us? We are happy to let you experience the beauty of the mountains, the feeling of the perfect turn and the thrill of surfing weightless on the snow.

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