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4 days Off-piste training! – Caroline

Finally the time had come. We were allowed to go back to the mountains for a ski adventure.

Booked with Epique this year, from November 14 to November 18, 2018.

At the end of Wednesday we arrived at our Hotel Lanersbacherhof in Tux. Upon entering, there were already previously arrived guests at the bar and we immediately noticed a cozy and warm vibe. After we quickly put the suitcases in the room, we quickly got to know the people. It quickly became clear that everyone is here for a number of sporty, but above all, fun days.

The group consisted of about 44 people, who were divided into groups of a maximum of 7 people. Each group had a certain level. After dinner we received a clear briefing about the plan for the next four ski days. At first it seems like busy full days, but in practice it was not that bad, and after all we had come for intensive and instructive ski days, but of course apr├Ęs-ski was also included in the program!

It was clear that not everyone likes to get up early (7am breakfast), but once up in the snow of Hintertux, everyone was wide awake.

Every day we were treated to a clear blue sky. The fact that the snow conditions were not ideal should not spoil the fun. In the end it turned out that despite everything, the area offers excellent opportunities for our guide to teach us the necessary techniques. Yes yes, Auke was busy with us. You think you can get down a mountain pretty well, but you soon realize that there’s quite a bit to do with the technique. The video analyzes that were discussed every evening clearly showed this. But hey, you’re there to learn. With angelic patience and the most diverse exercises, Auke really managed to teach us something. We have received a lot of information and tips!

The days were intensive, but super educational and fun. The hotel was not too far from the lift today (10 min car) and everything was well organised. Hotel had good facilities such as pool and wellness and the food was fine.

Because Rik had sent the necessary documentation and information, the anticipation was great. For example, a very physical preparation program was included. A little training beforehand can’t hurt.

Despite the fact that everyone was split into smaller groups, you saw each other during breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner. And of course at the bar for the enthusiasts. Have to say, a very pleasant and varied group of people.

Our guide was top notch! And the great thing about all those different groups of levels is that you can easily move to another group if necessary. Auke never let us do anything he didn’t entrust to us and I never felt unsafe for a single moment.

Everything is well organized, good clear communication, quality guides and lots of fun! This is worth repeating!

Epic, thank you!

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